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Should I Attend a Showcase

April 13, 2019


The showcase business has long been profiting off of parents who so badly want to do what’s best for their sons’ futures but don’t have a grasp on how to navigate the recruiting process. Before we get into the reasons why you should do your homework before paying for a showcase, let us be crystal clear that players can, and do, get recruited at showcases. To say otherwise would be a lie. It’s also true that there are trustworthy companies who provide exposure to college coaches at a fair value. But make no mistake about it, there are others that make money by stoking parents’ fears and perpetuating myths including the idea that any exposure is good exposure, rather than providing the services parents think they are paying for.


This is exactly why you need to know your son, his ability (skill set) and have a realistic and honest third party evaluation (in hand). If you can afford to send your son to a showcase, there is nothing wrong with his attending, but understand that it will only be beneficial for his recruitment if he already has skills that are "recruitable" and even better if he is already involved with these coaches.  (meaning they have already seen his video and had the chance to cross-check).


When evaluating a showcase and for the purposes of this email, let’s assume that you are going to this showcase to gain the attention of the college coaches that will be in attendance.


Use this as a checklist - once your answer is a no, then stop and you can assume that this particular showcase is not for you.

  1. Can you play at any of the programs attending?

    1. If the answer is no - it’s not worth it - Do not attend!

  2. Can you get accepted at any one of the colleges attending?

  3. Are you interested in any one of the programs attending?

  4. Have any of the programs attending already seen you play?

    1. If so, are they recruiting you?

      1. If yes - you ask them directly if you should attend? Are they recruiting your position?

      2. If not - Do not attend

  5. Reach out (via email) to each of the Head Coaches attending

    1. Ask if he is attending this showcase?

      1. If yes - send video and ask if he feels it’d be a good idea for you to attend

      2. If no - Do not attend

Important - NEVER