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November for Seniors

November is an important month for all high school baseball players, regardless of graduation year. For underclassmen, in addition to the tasks they should be completing, it is a great time to watch what is happening for seniors so underclassmen can be prepared when their time comes. Preparation and knowledge is the key to a successful college search.

All Fallon Sports members should be scheduling their face to face or phone reality checkups with our team. This is an extremely important piece of our process and a critical ingredient to a successful college search. You can schedule your meeting by click here.

If you have not yet joined Fallon Sports and are a senior you can get a three month membership which will help to get yourself locked into the right college, click here to get started. All other non members who are underclassmen can join Fallon Sports by Clicking Here

Important November Dates for Seniors

Things that should have been done -

- applications to at least three colleges completed and submitted

For help check out

*Common App @!s/collegesearch

*CSS Profile @


Upcoming dates - November 3-19: Late registration deadline for the December 9 ACT November 12-15: Dead Period (Baseball Recruiting)

November 13: Late registration deadline for the December 1 SAT (for mailed registrations) November 16: Score delivery date for the November 3 SAT

November 16: Quiet Period Begins (Baseball Recruiting) November 20: Late registration deadline for the December 1 SAT (for registrations made online or by phone) November 22: Thanksgiving

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