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May Important Dates

There are several reasons to stay on task in your recruiting process but ultimately - when you miss a deadline - you lose an opportunity. There are so many important dates to know of as you navigate through the recruiting process and quite frankly, if you aren't involved in the process, you really never even know they exist. So as you're reading this and you aren't aware of a deadline, then you aren't deep enough into your recruiting process. As you get more and more involved, you realize deadlines and calendars are everywhere, every week, every month, every quarter there is some deadline or something to be aware of and something to do.

There is a college recruiting calendar that has important dates, there is an SAT/ACT calendar that has deadlines for registration, late registration deadlines as well as the actual test date(s). There are admissions application deadlines, early action/early decision deadlines, even times when you can and can't visit a college (athletically) and so much more!

Here is the reality, however. If you don't get engaged and stay engaged in the process - you lose! You might think that's harsh but when you back off from action and engagement, you end up settling! Don't settle - take control of YOUR process.

If you are the parent of an incoming freshman (2023 class), a sophomore (2022), a junior (2021) or an incoming senior (2020) and don't know the important dates or are not in action mode - then you're missing out and not providing your son or daughter with all the opportunities that could/should be available to them!

Get involved today!

  • May 1-31: NCAA D1 College Contact Period

  • May 3: Registration deadline for the June 8 ACT

  • May 4: SAT testing date (Subject Tests available in Literature, US History, Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, French and Spanish)

  • May 4-20: Late fee required to register for the June 8 ACT

  • May 12: Mother’s Day

  • May 17: Score delivery date for the May 4 SAT Reasoning

  • May 27: Memorial Day

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