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Fallon Sports - Honest & Real Guidance

The Fallon staff is one of the most trusted resources in the world of college recruiting, spending the past 30 years in the industry.  Having no "skin in this game" other than to provide rock solid information to assisting aspiring students in getting to the next level.  Fallon has been doing this since 1996 and with the purpose of helping students find the right college and colleges find the right students for their institutions.  

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What they are saying ...

"Jeff Fallon and his group run a first class operation that benefits the well-being of the student-athlete. He has been very helpful identifying the student-athlete that would be a solid fit for our university and program. We continue to evaluate these players annually due to our trust in Jeff Fallon's approach to the game."

NCAA Division I, Recruiting Coordinator


"Jeff Fallon has done a great job in developing contacts with his player's for our program.  As a top 20 program at the Division II Level, we were always looking for kids to come in and contribute early.  Jeff and his staff get these kids prepared mentally and physically and ready for the college game.  Also, academics is something he takes great pride in with his player's as well.  Now coaching at the NCAA Division I level, we know Jeff will be honest and open about the abilities of each individual kid.  We look forward to a long and great relationship with his program for year's to come."


NCAA Division 1 Head Baseball Coach


Jeff,  You're efforts on behalf of these kids is stellar.  Few guys do the job you do, Jeff.  … NCAA Division III Head College Coach


Thank you Jeff, I really do appreciate all of your support!  I think you are doing a wonderful job with all of these young men.  Head Baseball Coach, California Junior College



"Prior to finding Jeff and Fallon Sports, we had engaged another national service to help us find a college that was interested in our son, Conner. While we have received benefit from this other service, we found even greater success with Jeff and FCYS. He helped us change our focus to our son-what HE wanted and what was realistically within reach given his skill level-and we started exploring options using this lens. By focusing on our son first, I am confident that we will find a spot for Conner that maximizes his potential while also providing an environment that will be a positive influence on his personal growth. We can’t thank Jeff enough for helping personally guide us through this process."




"My son and I were talking the other day and he told me that you were the one coach most responsible for giving him the confidence he now has as a pitcher and player. I want to thank you so much for treating him with so much respect, and for believing in him. The two summers he spent playing for the Pilots, as well as the Junior Olympics experience, were a lot of fun and something he will never forget! Jason has grown a lot, matured, and developed his skills in baseball and you are the coach that he has valued most. We cannot thank you enough!"




Jeff,  We are really excited about Max's decision to go to NMSU.  Dave and I were really impressed and we think it will be a great fit for Max.  We all want to thank you so much for your support and great advice the past four years.  You were such a help in each step along the way.  We truly appreciate everything you have done!!! STUDENT ATTENDING NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY (NM)


"With Jeff’s guidance and support, we were able to find a college for our son that enabled him to pursue his dream of playing college sports, while also enjoying his surrounding and his academics. We received a tremendous amount of helpful advice that enabled us to locate a school that was the right fit for our son, and that also provided us with financial incentives. Jeff spent a considerable amount of time with my husband, Josh and I and actually started meeting with us when our son was a sophomore in high school. This early interaction got us on the right track and made our search more effective and focused. Now, Josh is a sophomore in college and doing really well. He would not have had these opportunities if not for Jeff’s advice and counsel and we appreciate everything that he has done for our son."




 "I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your guidance and support. Last night it really hit Shea hard knowing his senior year is over for the most part. I believe this situation will make Shea even more passionate for his college career, most importantly academics but his love for this sport."




 "Dear Jeff,     I wanted to let you know that Cody will be going to UC Boulder on an academic scholarship this year.  We really appreciate you and your staff for the years you've invested in both Chip and Cody.  I believe we made the best choice for our kids by having them play with you even if baseball is not the vehicle they used to get into college.  The integrity and strength of character in you and the men you surround yourself with is unmatched and my kids are better people because they've been around you all.  Thank you for everything!" 


-Marc and Denise Snyder


"I wanted to thank you for everything you've done to help me out. The past summer I progressed and learned the game like I never have before. I would also like to say thank you for all the help with college. I had no idea where I was going until you guided me in the right direction."


-Ben Dorman, Paradise Valley College for JC and now will be attending Northwestern Oklahoma State University (OK)


"Jeff - It's hard to imagine that it has been 15 months since we started working with you in September 2006.  Since that time, you have opened so many doors for Conner and provided us with valuable assistance and insights-through the Pilots program, the Junior and Senior Fall Classics, visits to the Pacific Northwest, guidance on colleges that would fit Conner both academically and athletically, countless phone calls with coaches, the Vegas opportunity, and much more.  I know that I have told you thank you before, but the words, even a card, just didn't seem to fully express how appreciative we all are for the support you provided to Conner-not only as a coach, but as a mentor and friend, as well.  By now, you will have figured out why I asked you what your 20 favorite colleges were from a personal perspective; you will see the names reflected in the quilt that I have made for you.  I wanted to capture something that would be as meaningful to you as your guidance and assistance have been to us.  I will admit, you threw me a curve ball (that's what you get when you are dealing with a pitcher's mom) when you added the 21st college to your list-but hopefully you will appreciate the combination of Southern Vermont College and Drake, your and Natasha's colleges, into one square to accomodate the 20 square structure!  Thank you again for everything that you have done for Conner-he would not be attending Harvard next year but for his association with you and the Arizona Pilots.  

Gary, Terri and Conner



Hello Jeff,  You have been in our thoughts lately.  Ryan is now a sophomore at Grand Canyon University and the boys were recently having a conversation and I overheard them talking about the possibility that they will never get to play for another coach like Coach Fallon---You truly made a difference in these athletes lives.  Hope your family is well.  I’m sure those boys are growing up quickly


Jeff - The visit last week to NMSU went wonderfully. I was able to tour the facilities and accomplish everything I sent out to accomplish. I felt the university was a great fit for me and I could see myself playing in the aggie program. After consulting with my parents and a lot of thought, I committed to sign with NMSU last Friday! I will be receiving the papers to sign next week and I am very excited. So, I would just like to thank you for all of your help the past four years but especially all the help the last two months. I am in this position thanks to all your help and I greatly appreciate it! Thanks again! – NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY (NM)


Jeff - I just want to pass along holiday wishes and to let you know how happy John R. is with his choice of Babson.  The school’s academic reputation has continued to progress.  It is rated as the #1 school for Entrepreneurship in the country.  The academic workload was really heavy but john R. just got his grades and he did great. 


On the baseball side his wrist is healthy and the fall went very well.  They installed John R. at shortstop and have given him every chance to win the starting job.  He’s home now and really happy to be hitting every day and taking 300 ground balls a day.  The Babson team is very close-knit and he can’t wait for their spring trip to Dodgertown in March.   

I want to thank you for your efforts on John R.’s behalf and let you know that if he or I can ever do anything for you, please let us know.  We’d love to hear from any of your College Planning kids that are considering Babson or any of the other programs John R. considered.  BABSON COLLEGE


Hello Coach Fallon, 

We just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance over the past few years helping Andy through this college process!  It has been quite an ordeal and sometimes like "pulling teeth" to get him through it but it all paid off in the end!  We thank you so much for your e-mails, suggestions, encouragement and his opportunity to play in the Fall Classic and other tournaments.  All of those things came together and enabled him to be seen, get motivated and pursue his dream.  Andy is a late bloomer as you know by now and we are so glad to see him mature in some of the ways he needed to get to this point. 

Andy and I (Ann) visited Iowa Western a few weeks ago because of their interest and for Andy, it was clearly the one for him.  It met the criteria he had in his mind of what he wanted and so the decision was not difficult after that visit.  Now, let's hope he can do well.  They certainly play competitively at that school and we are praying that Andy can handle the expectations.  He certainly is motivated anyway!

Well, Bill and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all of your help and for not giving up on us!  We highly recommend your program and we wish you the best for this season and more.  Take care and thank you so much!



Coach Fallon,

I wanted to add my own thanks for all that you've done. The first time we met at Barnes & Noble back in the fall of 2008, I knew you were exactly what a Ann & I needed to help lay out the future path to college and baseball for Andy. You did exactly that even when he wasn't always faithful in following the plan! But that's our Andy! The late bloomer was already trying to find out how late he could put off blossoming. A few of the things you mentioned that have always stuck with me are that this is mainly about college, not baseball; and how baseball is a way to get through college; and how the fit has to be both sides wanting the other. These things and more were in the forefront of my mind as Andy & I traveled together to visit the various colleges we saw. When we all thought the process was completed and Lamar was the final choice, along comes Iowa Western and creates chaos in the Roberts home! But it was a situation that had to be looked at given the quality of their program. It was right that Ann made the trip (even though she didn't want to go) since it was she that had not experienced any of this college scouting process. She liked it in spite of the bitter cold they ran into (tough for a native Florida girl!) so what we saw very clearly at the end was the our Lord's amazing guiding hand in all of this: He guided us to you after we knew help was needed and then found out about specifically your own style of College Planning Program, then taking Andy (kicking and screaming at times) on college hunts, and the late calling opportunity to see the college he really wanted. What we have now, I suppose, is what every parent has when the player goes off to school--our hope that Andy can live up to the academic and athletic challenges that await him next fall. (and this spring as he's being monitored by IWCC!)


Jeff, we simply could not have done this without your help. You have a wonderful and valuable service to offer. And I know you do this because you love these boys, you love baseball and seeing how your knowledge can help others achieve great things. Bravo to you, Coach Jeff Fallon, and may God shower you with His blessings for a heart that is in the right place!

We'll see you again and continue to stay in touch, I'm certain of that.

Bill Roberts


Jeff-  I just wanted to say a quick "thanks" for setting me down the path to accomplishing my goal of playing Division 1 baseball.  After a redshirt year at UCSB as a freshman, then playing two seasons at Santa Barbara City College (while continuing school full-time at UCSB by taking 12 units at each school), I'm back as a Gaucho and hoping to make a big impact on the mound this year.  Although the path to my goal didn't go exactly as planned, hard work and determination helped me get to where I want to be.  Thanks again for helping me realize what I wanted to accomplish and finding a way to get here (and then hopefully to the next level).  I hope everything is going great with the FCYS.  

Connor Whalen


Jeff - Just a quick update on Nick's progress in college.  Knowing that you helped connect Nick with Coach Cook, so I thought you would appreciate some follow-up.
In May 2010, Nick completed his freshman year at Coe College.  The Kohawks finished their season with a 25-18 record.  Three months earlier, the season began with Coach Cook providing Nick the opportunity to start in centerfield and be lead-off batter for the Kohawks.  His first hit of his college career came in his seventh at-bat during the second game of the season -- it was a three-run, in-the-park homerun.  He had gone 0-3 in the first game and went 1-2 in the second -- after two games, he was batting 0.200 but had an OBP of over 0.550.  From there, he went on to start every game of the season and had a fantastic freshman year helping the Kohawks to a fourth place finish in the IIAC -- not quite what they wanted, but still very respectable.     
Some of Nick's achievements his freshman year included:  0.335 batting average (0.364 in-conference), 0.978 fielding percentage (1.000 in-conference), 11 homeruns, 16 stolen bases, 53 hits, 49 runs scored, and 37 rbis.  The following hyperlink will take you to the Kohawk's 2010 statistics -
As a result of his efforts and performance, he was selected First Team All-Conference for the IIAC and Second Team All-Region (Central Region).  
As Nick prepares to return to Coe College this fall, I wanted to thank you for helping provide him with opportunity to play baseball at the collegiate level.  I believe one day, Nick will look back on his four years at Coe College as the "best time in his life".  I truly appreciate the guidance you provided Nick during his senior year in high school and also for helping Nick realize the opportunities available to him.
Mark Stein


Jeff,   I want to thank you for all your help through JR's years with your recruiting assistance.  I couldn't be happier that JR will be attending Grinnell and playing for coach Hollibaugh.  I truly believe that JRs baseball ability helped get him into Grinnell.  I wish you and your family the best.


"Jeff is an awesome coach who provided great guidance to help Chance move in the direction of his baseball goals!" - Chance Adams is a pitcher in the Yankees organization after pitching at Chaparral High School, Yavapai College and Dallas Baptist University -


"Just want to say thanks to Coach Fallon for everything you have done for me! If it weren't from all the training and workouts I have received from you guys, I wouldn't be the player I am today!" - Terrance Robertson is playing in the New York Yankees organization

Fallon Boys.jpg

Above is Jeff Fallon with his three sons, Koty, Tanner and Hunter.  All three have had the opportunity to play college baseball and earn their college degree.  Koty was selected in the MLB draft by the San Diego Padres organization.

"I get asked all the time , why am I so passionate about finding the right college for our students?  The answer is very clear - when I was looking for a college to continue to compete in my sports, I had one man who helped me tremendously just by pointing me in the right direction and showing me a path.  He told me to be sure to be real with myself, not to settle but find the place that is the right fit for ME!  Well little did I know how important finding that right fit was, whether it was God's guiding hand or I just got lucky, at the college I attended I had several key people have a huge impact on my life that kept me motivated, moving in the right direction to earning my degree and a career in coaching!  I know without their guidance, understanding and sincere interest in me, I would not have completed my four years.  I have created a company that does just that, every single day!" - Jeff Fallon

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