Fallon Sports creates some of the most memorable experiences through the game of baseball and our college experiences  Since 2004, Fallon has been building competitive teams to compete in some of the most prestigious events in the nation with the goal of giving players more exposure to college coaches throughout the country.  We do this while providing a positive and memorable life experience.  We use our experience in traveling the country, the vast network of college coaches and knowledge of college campuses to get our players in front of the right coaches at the right time.

Our vision - We believe the experience and the process has to be exciting and fun!  Keeping our players entertained and engaged as they compete in some of the finest events throughout the United States in front of the right coaches at the right time.  While doing this we create an amazingly positive environment for our players to shine in. We do a tremendous amount of work outside of each event to be sure the right coaches are evaluating the right players for their program when the time is right. Coaches find the communication with us to be invaluable, as we bring them all the information they need and are fully engaged, start to finish. We deliver player evaluations, run seminars and on-field workouts, offer suggestions, give advice on the process and so much more. The beauty of our program is how college coaches see every aspect of the student-athletes and can in real time recruit the right kid for their program.

No question, there are a lot of great teams catering to quality players, but we provide the ideal platform for exposure, competitive and fun for all levels of the collegiate game, we get to know each of our players and are able to provide an honest, thorough and detailed evaluation to college coaches.

That is why more or our members choose the right college the first time .. our players stay in college and graduate because they find the right college at the right time!

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Here is how we break down the fees.  To help break the payments up, payments can be paid within the dates mentioned but to save you can pay the "all-in" fee listed with each Experience.  Remember, each fee will increase as we get closer to each experience.


Parents are encouraged to attend each experience and students are more than welcome to stay/travel with parents or with the team.


Registration Fee (all participants will need to pay this upon registering)

- Locks you into each experience and tournament roster

- Funds Coaches hotel room(s) & travel

- Additional and unexpected expenses for staff 

- Directors Fee

On Field Fee (all participants need to pay this within 4 months of actual start date)

- Tournament entry fee

- Coaches Fee

- Additional & unexpected on field Expenses   

Off Field Fee (Only participants who are traveling with and staying with the team will need to pay this 2 months before start date)

- Hotel Fee (room divided by number of roommates)

- Team Van Rental

- Team Van Fuel

- Tolls

- Off Field Coordinator Fee

- Additional & unexpected off field Expenses

2021 Tournament & College Experience Schedule

Once each tournament schedule is released all updated communications will occur on our TeamApp - be sure to download it


Roster spots are first come first placed - register ASAP

 - Pay as you go, choose individual tournaments/experiences below


- December 11- 13: Pre-Registration Fees (all will increase once registration opens to non members Monday December 14)

- December 14-31: Early Registration (Opened to non members) 

- January 1-February 28: Regular Registration

- March 1 to April 30: Late Registration

Fallon Rocky Mountain Experience - "ALL IN"  $750

June 18-23 Denver, Colorado 

Pre-Registration Fee: $175 (Due Today)

On Field Fee: $250 (Due February 18)

Off Field Fee: $395 (Due April 18)

OR You can make payment for all in for $750 (Expires Sunday December 13 @ Midnight)


Fallon Omaha College Experience (during the College World Series) - - "ALL IN"  $750

June 25-30 Omaha, Nebraska

Pre-Registration Fee: $175 (Due Today)

On Field Fee: $250 (Due February 25)

Off Field Fee: $395 (Due April 25)

OR You can make payment for all in for $750 (Expires Sunday December 13 @ Midnight)


Fallon Midwest College Experience - "ALL IN"  $750

July 12-18 Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin/Illinois

Pre-Registration Fee: $175 (Due Today)

On Field Fee: $250 (Due March 12)

Off Field Fee: $395 (Due May 12)

OR You can make payment for all in for $750 (Expires Sunday December 13 @ Midnight)


Fallon East Coast - "ALL IN"  $750

July 23-28 New York/Boston

Pre-Registration Fee: $175 (Due Today)

On Field Fee: $250 (Due March 23)

Off Field Fee: $395 (Due May 23)

OR You can make payment for all in for $750 (Expires Sunday December 13 @ Midnight)



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