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How We Help

A Fallon Membership provides each student and their parents with the support and guidance needed to prepare the student in competing at the next level, whatever that level may be.  We make an honest assessment of where we are at today and help to create a plan that is in line with the goals of the student. 





Although a membership has several additional benefits and opportunities, the backbone of our mission is guiding each member positively to the next chapter of their lives.

We are a positive force in the lives of our members, working with ages 10 and up.


With Fallon, everything we do is customized to the student and the needs and desires of the family but with realistic and honest expectations.  We get to know each student and their family and where they want to take their journey.  With Fallon, to serve is our passion and it's what we are called to do.  We do not charge any fee for serving and sharing what we know.

We use the personal network of Fallon Sports to begin to narrow down opportunities for each student.  This network was personally cultivated by Jeff Fallon, our founder, it's not something that is bought and sold - It's not just names on a computer screen, there are tons of personalized information based on personal relationships, interaction, conversation and experiences with each program, their staff as well as other representatives.  From this list, we personally select opportunities that would be good fits for each student based on conversations, our experience, and their needs. 

Our network is not a stagnant database of information, it is cultivated in real time.  This was created over years of personal relationships, Jeff has been on more than 600 college campuses throughout the country and continues to visit more each year. We have meaningful visits with each college coach while on campus with the goal of identifying the exact needs of their program to help make the proper connections between coach and player. 

We are here to answer questions about camp and showcase invites, when to do your video, is your video good enough, when to update your video, questions about SAT, ACT, SAT II, Clearinghouse and really anything related to the recruiting process ... Jeff has been doing this everyday since 1996 - so pretty much been through it all and able to help different people through whatever you are going through.

FEES -  We believe everyone should be surrounded with the proper guidance and support through their journey.  When Jeff was seeking his college, he had people that God placed into his life at the right time that helped him along his journey. None of them ever asked Jeff to pay a fee.  When Fallon Sports started in 1996, we did charge a fee, as a matter of fact, we charged a fee for the next 25 years!  Now, we are at a stage in our lives where it's time to "Give Back" and/or "Pay It Forward"

No longer are members required to pay a fee to receive our service, now students must be accepted into our program and submit a donation. That donation can be whatever they feel appropriate based on their financial situation. We feel this also provides some sort of "buy in" for the student while alleviating the financial pressures associated with the college recruiting and mentoring process. We offer opportunities for members, businesses, families, friends, whoever is able, to donate and assist in our cause. These donations will to help keep us relevant and able to thrive in this very competitive world. We have been blessed and have had incredible success throughout our journey and we are now here to serve by "Paying it Forward" and helping others find their right fit in their journey as well!

"The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.  The core of being a servant who leads is a deep, unfeigned humility. It grows from an inner self-perception which turns its back on selfish ambition and dedicates itself to the good. We strive to be a humble servants. Our motive is to live out our love for God and our love for others."

We are focused on the needs and the personal growth of our members. This is a lifetime identity for us and we hope to continue to grow into greater humility and service as Fallon reaches more people nationally.

As we consider our own leadership, we will always examine our motives, our pride, our responses to those who disdain and reject us, and our personal ambitions. We are delighted in growth and development of our members and use our influence and position to benefit each member.

When you become a member of FALLON


* A Realistic Plan

* Legitimate Exposure

* Honest and Real Guidance

* A Coach who is always working for you

* A Coach who gets to know you

* Discounts on any Fallon Sports Related Activity

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Fallon Sports Additional Services

Members receive 20% off everything below & all videos assistance is FREE

Collegiate Recruiting Experiences

 * We coordinate visits to college campus

 * We initiate contact with college coach

 * We set meeting with college coach

 * We tour facilities

 * We tour campus

 * We practice with the team (when available)

 * We play games in front of the coaches (when available)

 * We watch team practice or play

each trip is extremely flexible - stay the entire trip or only stay for the colleges you choose

- Collegiate League Teams

  * We select players and build teams to compete in highly selective and competitive showcase tournaments where college coaches will be in attendance

- Collegiate Showcase Teams

  * We offer open opportunities for players to join participate in showcases throughout the country where college coaches will be in attendance

- Collegiate Evaluation Tourney Teams

  * We build teams to enter local tournaments

  * This allows us to get a better idea of each players strengths and weaknesses

​- High School Prep Tourney Teams

  * We build teams to enter local tournaments

  * This allows us to get a better idea of each players strengths and weaknesses

​- 12u, 11u, 10u Tourney Teams

  * We build teams to enter local tournaments

  * This allows us to get a better idea of each players strengths and weaknesses

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