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How We Help -

A Fallon Sports membership provides each student and their parents with the support and guidance needed for the lifetime of the students eligibility for college athletics.  Although a membership has several additional benefits and opportunities, the backbone of our mission is getting each member to the right college at the right time.

What We Do -

1. We begin the on-going discussion about where the student is at with their current recruiting and where they want to go.

  • We review everything and anything that relates to their college search (things like level of play, difficulty of being accepted, major, distance from home, climate, classroom size and so much more).

  • If the student is unsure about any of these areas, we help to clear the fog about why they might be important or why they probably won't even matter in the search.

  • If the student does not have answers to these questions, that's OK, by working through the process together, we help get the right answers to each of these questions.  

  • From this information, we create a plan of attack, set with short term and long term goals which will help to get moving in the right direction.

  • The key to our program is being realistic and honest. If expectations are unrealistic, we are not the program for you!

We are not a recruiting service?  With Fallon Sports, everything we do is customized to the student-athlete and the needs and desires of the family.  We get to know each student and their family and where they want to take their search while always being honest and realistic.  Because of their need to work with as many students as possible, recruiting services can not possibly do that.

We use our personal data base of more than 2400 colleges and the personal network of Fallon Sports to begin to narrow down those colleges for the student.  This college database was personally created and updated by Jeff Fallon, it's not something that is bought and sold - It's not just names on a computer screen, there are tons of personalized information based on personal relationships, interaction, conversation and experiences with each college coach, their staff as well as other representatives from each school.  From this list, we personally select colleges that would be good fits for each student based on conversations with college coaches, our experience, their recruiting needs for your specific recruiting class as well as your academic and ability level. 

Why is this different than a recruiting service?  A recruiting service uses a shotgun approach when promoting their clients and cannot be and is not personal.  A recruiting service database is typically updated yearly while at Fallon Sports, our database is not a stagnant database of information, it is updated in real time on what each coach is looking for within each graduating class, in addition to every other important characteristic a college offers.  This was created over years of personal relationships with college coaches, admissions personnel and alumni of each college.  Jeff has personally been on more than 600 college campuses throughout the country and continues to visit more each year. We have meaningful visits with each college coach while on campus with the goal of identifying the exact needs of their program to help make the proper connections between coach and player.

Once we discover the colleges that are good fits, we contact the decision makers at each of those college coaches first, with video and a brief assessment and academic evaluation to see if these coaches are interested and are recruiting your position in your graduating class.  We use this information and feedback to create your college recruiting list.  We set a goal to get to 30 colleges that are interested in you and recruiting your position in your graduating class so when you begin to contact the colleges they are ready to recruit you.  They have seen your video, know you can get into their college and are recruiting your position..  This becomes your "Recruiting Board" (or your college list) and eliminates times, stress, energy and saves you money on wasted camps, showcases.  

Why is this different than a recruiting service?  Services are not in a position to contact each college coach individually and more importantly do not have the individual relationship with these coaches nor the time to follow through with each.  Their approach is more of a shot gun approach, hoping to get results based on massive marketing rather than getting to know each student, understanding the needs of a college program and then finding the right fit for each student (and coach).

4. We give you your personal college list (Recruiting Board), complete with contact information of coaches, the level of play, the difficulty of getting accepted and enrollment in addition to much more criteria.  We provide information on you how to contact each college, what to say and how to follow up with them.  This closes the loop and creates a solid connection between you and the coach.

Why is this different than a recruiting service?  We have already done the work to narrow down a targeted college list based on what you are really looking for and now as you contact each college, the coaches are more receptive because they have already seen your video, done their homework and know you are able to be accepted at their school in addition to knowing you have an interest in them. 

5.  That gets the process going for you and most coaches will communicate directly through you and as you have questions along the way, we are here to discuss the coaching styles, a college campus, the schedule, the conference, the academic rigor or what ever other questions you have about each specific school.  Jeff has been on more than 600 different college campuses throughout the country so there is a good chance we have been on the campus in question as well as personally knows the baseball coach.

6.  We also use Field Level as a support platform for our program, where we can keep all of your videos as well as all of the other key pieces of information, such as your transcript and important assessments that are written for you on a regular basis and updated as you go through the process.  College coaches will have access to this 24/7

Why is this different than a recruiting service?  Although Field Level charges for some of their extended services, their main platform is free for players and their families to utilize.  In addition, all information on Field Level is verified by a coach (in our case, by Jeff Fallon).  Recruiting services are not free and for the ones who are the information is never verified thus cannot be trusted by colleges coaches.

7.  Every three months, as we go through the process, we adjust your plan as needed, whether that is adding colleges, removing college and working our way toward a realistic list with long shot colleges, good bet colleges and best bet colleges.  We conduct on field evaluations 4 times per year to be sure all the information we are supplying to college coaches is accurate.

Why is this different than a recruiting service?  Recruiting services typically charge an additional fee for updates or these updates are included in their astronomical pricing

8.  We are here to answer questions about camp and showcase invites, when to do your video, is your video good enough, when to update your video, questions about SAT, ACT, SAT II, Clearinghouse and really anything related to the recruiting process ... Jeff has been doing this everyday since 1996 - so pretty much seen it all and able to help different people through whatever you are going through.

9. Video - we create your video (if needed) and update video for you. (all for free)

10.  Payments Options -  Because we are personal we are able to offer many different options for every budget and every situation - 

When you become a member of FALLON SPORTS


* A Realistic College Plan that is updated every 3 months

* Legitimate Exposure to college coaches all year long

* Honest and Real Guidance

* A Recruiting Coach who is always working for you

* A Recruiting Coach who gets to know you

* Video - We Create, Choreograph, Edit and promote your video

* Video - We Create and Edit your video (you provide footage)

* Video - We Evaluate your video and provide feedback

* Discounts on any Fallon Sports Related Activity

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Fallon Sports Additional Services

Members receive 20% off everything below & all videos are FREE

- Collegiate Recruiting Experiences

 * We coordinate visits to college campus

 * We initiate contact with college coach

 * We set meeting with college coach

 * We tour facilities

 * We tour campus

 * We practice with the team (when available)

 * We play games in front of the coaches (when available)

 * We watch team practice or play

each trip is extremely flexible - stay the entire trip or only stay for the colleges you choose

- Select Showcase Teams

  * We select players and build teams to compete in highly selective and competitive showcase tournaments where college coaches will be in attendance

- Open Showcase Teams

  * We offer open opportunities for players to join participate in showcases throughout the country where college coaches will be in attendance

- Competitive Tournament Teams

  * We build teams to enter local tournaments

  * This allows us to get a better idea of each players strengths and weaknesses

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