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How to Prepare for the College Recruiting Process Over the Summer (by Grade Level)

April 7, 2019

It's April - summer is still a couple months away and you're wondering what you should be doing this summer?  Today, I'll share some tips and ideas of things to focus on, what to stay away from and how to make this the most effective and efficient summer possible with regard to your recruiting process.  Remember, every person is different and what might be a great plan for your neighbor and best friend may not be the best option for you .... so be sure to do your own research, develop your own plan and then execute that plan!


Incoming freshmen, sophomores, and juniors

Think about what you’re interested in - do not select colleges because you know a guy who went there, because you saw them on TV or because "it'd be cool" to go there ... all very bad reasons for a college to end up on your list.  Spend some time thinking about YOU, who you are and the reasons why you like a specific college rather than the name or level of that specific college.   Guess what, you have to live with the decisions that are made, not mom .. not dad .. not your high school or club coach but YOU - so spend some time figuring out who you are and what you want.


It’s never too soon to get an honest assessment of your where your abilities lie and create a plan to address each weakness in your game.  This is critical because you have time to work on those weaknesses.  If you do not, those weaknesses will be exposed throughout your recruiting process and certainly while in college.  I know we all play shortstop and pitch (or catch) but be real and see where your skill set projects at the college level.  If you are heart set on being a middle infielder, then understand what a college middle infielder looks like right now, what his skill set is and what type of mentality does he have?   That way, you can start to determine what you should focus on over the summer to improve and which colleges to look at that will be the best fit for your skill set. 


There are plenty of summer teams and instructors who can help you work on whatever deficiencies you might have.  Getting in front of a college coach when you are not ready could be disastrous to your process but not hearing the real truth about your ability is even more detrimental to your recruiting process.  Don't be that guy going all over the country, spending thousands of dollars in showcases and just getting his name taken OFF LISTS every time he steps on the field.


Visit campuses

This is one of the most underrated things that you must do! Parents, high school/club coaches and players don't realize how important visiting a college campus is and I wish many more of these people in our community would jump on board and get their teams on college cam