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FS Recommendations

It is extremely important for all Fallon Sports (FS) members to stay in touch with Jeff & our offices so we can provide our athletes with the right college recommendations and help to keep engaged in the recruiting process. Continued communication between Fallon Sports and athletes is key to success in college recruiting. We, at Fallon Sports, want to understand the capabilities of each of our members and certainly have valuable input that can help each athlete find the best recruiting opportunities.

It’s important that we meet with members and parents regularly to discuss college recruiting but finding time to do so can be difficult, so email/text/messenger and Field Level all have been a savior for all of us. We all need to use all of the tools available to us and based on feedback from many we'd like to introduce a comprehensive set of tools that will help us research colleges and suggest schools for our members to target. Members can research colleges as well as review recommendations of schools they should consider and suggestions from their coaches without having to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Coach-To-Athlete Messaging

To help us and our members communicate quickly and easily, we can send messages directly to our members on FieldLevel. This is a great way for us to chat with our athletes about recruiting, suggested colleges to target, profile updates and team related info.

College Search

Researching schools can be overwhelming given how many different colleges there are. All of us at Fallon Sports help our members identify the right colleges to target and pursue. We filter colleges by location, school size, tuition, major, and so much more all based on more then 20 personal years of experience in the process.

Search Colleges Suggested Target Schools

So our goal is to know our members and use our relationships with college coaches throughout the country to know what type of athletes colleges are looking to recruit. This helps us easily communicate information and help our members target the right schools. Members can easily review these suggestions and add them to their Target Schools List with Fallon Sports.


Our members on FieldLevel receive recommendations of colleges to help identify which schools are a great fit and meet their needs. Each member receives unique college recommendations using information from the athletes, their coaches and colleges. The goal of Recommendations is to provide guidance on which colleges are the best fit for our members and confidence for coaches and athletes to pursue these opportunities.

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