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At this time of the year, why is it so beneficial to join Fallon Sports?

Since the new school year begins this month and I try to keep each graduating class to together within their recruiting so typically, I offer discounts to get started with Fallon Sports at the beginning of each school year. It makes the process much more efficient for me and you get started exactly where you need to be rather than always playing catch-up or chasing the wave that just keeps slowing ahead of you. This is true in every graduating class because there is always something that can be done to help you in the recruiting process, whether you are a freshman or a senior.

Right now, college coaches are back from a busy summer of travel and recruiting. They are hooking back up with other members of their coaching staff and working out their recruiting needs for your graduating class, creating schedules for the fall and making plans to go see potential players for their programs. It's a very important time to get engaged into the recruiting process and get your name involved in the conversation with coaches nationwide. If you sit and do nothing – nothing will happen. If you work with a national recruiting service with a cool website, your name will be sitting up there looking nice and "pretty" but really isn’t that effective and certainly not proactive. If you are just waiting for the fall to “be seen”, think of this … at the Fall Classic there may be 300 college coaches there watching 80 teams with an average of 25 players per roster – that’s roughly 2,000 different players out there each week. Do you think these college coaches will wonder around discovering guys? Of course not! They go with a specific plan of attack that begins now!

  • They identify their specific needs (positions, etc)

  • They identify whether they will seek JC transfers or high school guys for this

  • They determine who is able to get into their university (academically)

  • They determine who can actually play at their university by cross checking with coaches, watching videos and communicating specifically with that student athlete

  • Assuming the player passes that piece of the test, they determine where this player will be playing this fall and try to go see him play

  • If it’s the fall classic and you are a position player then they find your schedule, your game time, your field number and attend – maybe watching one at bat – if you’re lucky two. If you are a pitcher they sit and watch one inning – if they like they stay for another but that is it

  • Then, it’s a YES or a NO … and on to another field to watch another guy (that is on their list)

  • Notice there is no time in this process for stumbling around from field to field hoping to discover a player – DOES NOT HAPPEN – it’s specific to their school, their needs and their plan.


  • So if you are not involved with or do not get involved with several colleges NOW – they just won’t be there later – it’s just that simple.

How your college search is going? I am wondering how many college coaches you are communicating with right now? Each year, I work with people who thought they can do it themselves or they hired a very expensive recruiting service who never really gave them the attention they deserved, let’s face it – this is about YOU not them – and your independence from worrying about what to do and when to do it.

The window of opportunity is right now, regardless of year in school THIS is the best time to start to work with me because each college coach is beginning their new year as well – so we all can get on their wave together and ride it out through the fall. For seniors, that leads to a decision, for juniors that leads to options and for sophomores and freshman that leads to knowledge, information and peace of mind that you are head of the game and the opportunity to really get to know college programs and coaches. The stats don’t lie more than 45% of all Division One commits are first identified in their sophomore year while more than 25% in their freshman year. That is more than 70% before most of these guys even play a varsity baseball game.

What would I do if I were you? Call me, email me, text me … reach out somehow to get started with m

e or at least to pick my brain. I love talking, texting or writing about the process and am happy to help anyone who has the desire and the ability to play at the college level. Here's why: I can help – it’s what I do

As soon as you register, I am going to walk you through the entire process. I'm going to show you how to go from either no recruitment to full recruitment or take your current recruitment to another level.

You are making THE biggest decision of your life to date –

Get started right here

Questions? Call me (623) 236-5799, text me or e-mail me but this class will be starting this week so get started today.

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