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Know the Top Five Myths of College Admissions

I focus on the admissions side but in every myth here you can relate to the athletic recruiting side as well. Just use your imagination and you can see what I am talking about.

  1. Students with straight A’s and high SAT scores should get in anywhere

  2. The sobering truth is just because you stand out at your school doesn’t mean you’ll stand out in the applicant pool of a highly selective college. If you get 700’s on each section of the SAT and a 3.8 GPA, that makes you an average applicant at Dartmouth or Stanford. Being average puts your odds at 20% or less.

  3. Getting in is all about strategy

  4. Playing your cards right can help a little, but we’re talking maybe 5 percent of the “getting-in” equation. Most college credentials can’t be manufactured and admissions officers can see through the attempts of students (and their parents) to jazz up an un-exciting application.

  5. Getting in is all about pulling strings

  6. If only admissions officers had a nickel for every mother who has a friend whose uncle is on the board of trustees. Don’t be deluded by the idea that your close family friend can peddle influence. Unless your granddad gave the school a million dollars, you’re better off applying on your own merit.

  7. College admissions is a crap shoot

  8. Admissions decisions can seem random because high school students don’t see the big picture. The goal of every college is to assemble a diverse and interesting class, and everybody who is admitted fills a role. The odds of admission at a particular school can change from year to year because both the pool of applicants and the college’s needs change from year to year.

  9. The college admissions and recruiting process is fair

  10. Life isn’t fair either. Just because you are good enough does not mean you’ll get in. The good news? If you apply to a sensible list of colleges, your college search will be a success, even if you can’t control what happens at any particular college.

I hope this helps, makes sense and probably most importantly I hope you can see the parallel to the baseball recruiting side of things

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