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Encourage involvement in a wide variety of activities

Most college and scholarship applications ask students to list their high school activities.

  • Many applications also ask for evidence of leadership.

  • Participate in activities out side of school

  • Church groups, scouting, volunteer work and community service (keep records NOW as this will become very helpful later in the process.)

  • Depth of involvement (length) is also important as it shows focus and commitment.

  • Be involved in a variety of activities and wherever possible take a leadership role.

  • Stay in the Loop about School

  • Parents: Keep your ear to the ground for any changes in academic performance.

  • Discuss with your teachers and counselors how many courses beyond the minimum required it is feasible for you to take.

  • Nurture relationships with your teachers

  • Begin to make connections with college admissions offices and college coaches

  • This will help you and your family get to know each college and program and watch the changes they make over the next few years

  • It allows the coaches to begin to get to know the student and their family in order to have a better idea of whether or not to give a scholarship to an 18 year old.

  • It also keeps the student motivated and excited about their college future as the continually receive information about colleges.

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