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The Power of Visualization To Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Is it possible to live a life you feel grateful, passionate and inspired about? YES!

Can you really achieve your goals and dreams (no matter how big)? ABSOLUTELY!

With a little practice, you absolutely can shift your energy to become a vibrational match to your fantastic future. One of the most powerful (and easiest) ways to shift your energy is through the use of regular/daily visualizations.

Following is an excerpt from the course I teach on how to achieve your goals and dreams. Try this practice on for size and see how you feel after completing the 5 minute action below. I've also included a bonus action to practice throughout your day. I hope this short exercise reminds you of just how powerful and integral regular visualization is to achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams! After all it's your birthright!


The Power of Visualizing:

Every transformational leader talks about how important visualizing is as a key component of using the Law of Attraction principles. NASA scientists and Quantum Physicists have done countless experiments regarding visualization. As you may have heard, some athletes train using visualization techniques in which they visualize their event before they actually participate in it (and it has been proven, after being hooked up to sophisticated bio-feedback equipment during these visualizations, that parts of their brain and subconscious mind cannot distinguish between them actually participating in the event or just visualizing it).

The subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between things happening in your physical reality or just in your mind. You can use this information to your very powerful advantage. It is said by those same very transformational leaders that daily visualization of your goals and dreams is hugely important to them manifesting much more quickly. It is said that if you go there first in your mind, you WILL also go there in your body.

ACTION: Some actors can cry on cue. They can really own the role they are playing, can't they? Do you have a favorite actor? Have you ever seen them (or someone else) in the role of a character that is completely different, personality-wise, than they seem to be when you watch them being their "normal selves" -- such as when they are being interviewed? When these fine actors are "in character" they are really BEING in it, aren't they? They are completely embracing all the characteristics of the person they are portraying. This is how we need to approach visualizing.

Imagine you are one of the world's finest actors! You have been cast in the role of you in your future. You are such a fine actor that you absolutely know how you are going to approach this acting job and you are going to OWN that role and really put yourself into character! Have some fun with this. Close your eyes and visualize your goals and dreams happening NOW.

Spend the entire 5 minutes really doing your finest acting performance ever (something that is Oscar-worthy)! So you and everyone else in "the scene" absolutely believe it's real -- it FEELS real! Enjoy this wonderful glimpse into your future!

BONUS ACTION - THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY: Have some fun as you go out into your day. As you encounter people and circumstances, especially if they are a little challenging, think of how your actor-self might play this role. Think of how your actor could respond to the situation that would be for your (and their) highest good, something that will keep your vibration at a higher level. Even if the best you can do is to step into your actor-self and say a happy and enthusiastic "THANK YOU" to someone who may have been short or rude, try it. Be light and just play with it.

Every successful person first had to believe their goals and dreams were possible. If you are able to spend just 5 minutes each day visualizing, you will very quickly be well on your way to manifesting those very goals and dreams you are spending time "experiencing" in your visualizations. Because during your visualizations, you are teaching your subconscious mind that it absolutely IS possible for your goals to manifest. And as a result of this simple yet powerful reprogramming of your mind, you will notice many new stepping stones "magically" appear in your life - leading you right down the path to the physical manifestation of your dreams.

It's YOUR turn to achieve YOUR goals and dreams and be the magnificent success story and role model for others that you were meant to be. You CAN do it!

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