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One Key to Success in the Recruiting Process

There are so many things that you can do to put yourself in a better situation in the college recruiting process and one key to your success is the willingness to be proactive. Getting your name out there and initiating contact with the schools you are interested in, both athletically and academically is critical. The recruiting process is a two-way street, so to speak. Most colleges want potential players in their program to take some time to learn about them and its baseball program, while, at the same time, they need to put forth the same effort to learn and gather information about you. Ultimately, the process is about the best "fit" and the best "feel," (for both parties) and this process allows you to make an informed decision. The more colleges you can get involved with the better! Do not take the approach of waiting for some college coach to discover you or “like you” – If you are good enough a professional scout will find you but this is not the case with college coaches.

A guaranteed way to waste your money and your time is to commit to a camp where you have had no interaction with the college coaches whatsoever. Yes, they get to see you but who are they going to spend their time watching during the camp? The guy they know nothing about beforehand (you) or the guy who they have been communicating with for weeks, if not years.

Think about it …

That is what I do for our members … identify which colleges make the most sense to be involved with and open those college doors so when they play in summer/fall tournaments, college coaches know where and when they are playing. If they register for a college camp, the coaches working the camp know about each of our members well in advance so they can spend time evaluating them, assuming they are good fits for their programs. There is so much that we do for our members so members - keep us updated and if you aren't a member yet - JOIN!

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