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March for Juniors

Here we go - only a couple of months left until you are a senior ... what are you doing?

  • Finalize your summer schedule NOW and get it out to the coaches who are following you

  • College coaches need to know where you will be at

  • They are planning their summer schedules now - stay ahead and get on their schedule

  • Don't expect coaches to go to Arizona in the summer - the fall yes - but summer is about you getting to them.

  • Narrow your college list to a reasonable number, (ie Top 30)

  • Continue to explore their websites

  • Continue to build relationships with their coaches

  • Schedule time to talk with me about each program

  • Size Yourself Up vs Your Top 30

  • What do you like about each? Dislike about each?

  • Do you value one-on-one interaction with your teachers, coaches? Then think small

  • Are you looking for a specialized major? Maybe a large school would be best.

  • Do you want to play right away? Be honest!!

  • For a complete rundown of various options, be sure to check with me

  • See College Representatives and/or coaches

  • Keep an eye on your college list for visiting admissions representatives or coaches to your school.

  • Be sure to follow up with every representative or coach you see.

  • Meeting with this admission representative will help you determine whether a college visit would be useful or not as well as e-mailing with each college coach would do the same.

  • Prepare for the SAT or ACT

  • Carve out a little time during this month or in April, to take a close look at one or both tests. If you are thinking about getting a tutor or taking a prep class, ask about the qualifications and experience of the person who will be teaching you.

  • If you like FREE … try

  • Survive SAT Test day

  • Too many students stay up until the wee hours on Friday night and expect to do well Saturday morning on the SAT. Treat it like a normal school night and if you don’t know where the actual test site is located, leave a few minutes early.

  • Don’t forget your ID, pencils, a calculator, a snack and a watch.

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