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January for Seniors

SENIORS - A lot of waiting going on now as applications have been submitted and you are just waiting on decisions. All you can really do now is get ready for your senior year, have fun and be the leader that the seniors before you were. Do not be selfish - be a team guy - the college thing will work out the way it's supposed to - just get focused on winning a state championship right now.


  • Make sure your FAFSA is done

  • Should have been done in October but if you need to get going now


  • If a seventh semester transcript is required at the colleges you have applied to, ask your counselor to send it.

  • Typically, private college applicants need to supply a mid-year report.

  • Maintain your second semester grades and beware of senioritis/laziness. The year is not over academically and colleges can rescind their acceptances if your grades drastically plummet.

  • Start your last semester of high school the right way and finish strong

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