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What is your Major?

Lots to think about when you are choosing a college and what to major in is one of the larger decisions you will be making. What does Pre-Law mean? Really ... it means nothing. You can major in economics and then go to law school or you can major in music and still go to law school. It makes no difference, as long as you have good grades, do well on the LSAT and submit a great application. Pre-Med is the same way. Though you do need to take a selection of biology and chemistry courses, as well as calculus, Pre-Med is an advising program, not a major. The same cannot be said about engineering or architecture majors, which are so packed with required courses that they leave little room for electives. What about majors in business ... well they are somewhere in-between, they have plenty of requirements, but offer more flexibility than those in engineering or architecture to take outside courses or do a double major. If you have even a fuzzy idea of a possible major, check it out on a college website and see what is required.

Then there are the students who are going to major in English or History and of course most adults (or people who think they know) say, “What are you going to do with that?” Well the reality is you don’t really need to have an answer. If you want to major in a liberal arts subject, go for it. The practical stuff, like getting a job, will work itself out. In fact, liberal arts graduates are well suited for today’s job market because one they stay in college and graduate because they enjoy what they are learning. Students are also are taught how to communicate, interact within society and learn a wide range of skills that is much more essential than ever before. Go to the right college and learn! Go to the right college and live, explore and grow - but do not go to a college and choose a major that you will be miserable in just because you believe it is something that you are supposed to make a lot of money at or because it is something that you are expected to major in. You can be taught the technical skills of a job, the “people” and communication skills that liberal arts majors offer you aren’t as easy to find.

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