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December for Freshman & Sophomores

OK Freshman and Sophomores, it’s already December. How have you done so far in this first semester? If not so good, you still have time to go in and see your teachers to see what you can do to pull your grades out of the gutter. If they are where you expected and where you set your goals for, then great! You are awesome!

Parents – hopefully you have either met with your child’s counselor or have communicated via email at the very least. This has been mentioned in every one of these monthly passages so hopefully you are not sitting there, reading this and still have not acted. If this is you, then this is your last chance ... craft an email to your child’s guidance counselor right now. YOU MUST let your child counselor know what your goals are so they can help and that you are very interested in your child's future and which college he chooses. Don’t be that parent who blames their counselor for not being there for them when it is you that should be the one taking the lead (and proactive) role. That does not do anyone any good.

The Importance of Math

Many schools assign students to classes based on their ability. Since math is a subject that creates the clearest distinction among students, it typically drives these assignments. Most of the best students in math are also at or near the top in other areas as well. But some of those who are top students in other subjects are not as good in math, and these students sometimes miss out on advanced classes because of math-based tracking. If your child is in this category, pay close attention to each year’s schedule and make sure he or she is not missing opportunities in subjects outside math.

December checklist for freshman

  • Talk to your older friends about their applications and about which colleges they have visited

  • Begin researching possible colleges and contacting the coaches

  • Think about the fact that of the seniors who will make their commitments they will do so before even playing a senior season, so that means they only had three high school seasons before they committed and how many of them were playing varsity as freshman? GET STARTED EARLY

  • Be sure to keep up background reading (books) for your SAT. The more you read, the higher your verbal scores are likely to be.

  • Have fun

  • Everybody needs to find a balance between work and play

  • People who never study are headed for trouble but people who study too much sometimes have trouble relaxing.

  • If you find yourself worrying about school – or college – take a break and relax.

  • You may actually do better in school if you don’t let yourself get too stressed out.

  • Same is true with your sport … don’t get burned out … it’s ok to be a kid.

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