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Don't Get Left Behind

Every year talented young athletes who want to play college sports do not get the opportunity to get noticed and miss an experience of a life time! Many young athletes get caught up in the "name game" when picking a school which leaves them riding the bench for 4-years with no opportunity to showcase their skills. You may be a "star" athlete at your high school but that does not guarantee future collegiate success or exposure.

Once you identify your true academic and athletic abilities. it's time to decide what division level will give you the best chance of competing. You want to make sure you are targeting the right academic schools in the right athletic talent division.

"Find the school that fits YOU. Don't worry about what school is 'cool' to go to. Go to the place where you'll be happy and where you'll be the most successful personally. That's the 'coolest' thing you can do” - Great advice from a former Fallon Sports member.

As the AZ Fall Classics approach, I have been averaging more than a hundred calls/texts/emails a week from college coaches - YES that is the truth!. Most of these coaches are trying to pin point where certain players will be playing and making sure they don’t miss anyone while in Arizona.

Understand this - less than 1% of all college coaches at the fall classic will show up hoping to discover someone. If you do not have a solid list of coaches who have been involved with you - before the fall classic, then the event is really just another tournament for you ... and what a wasted opportunity!

With 70 teams and 20 players per team (1400 players) ... do the math ... how in the world would you expect them to discover you. They are coming with a targeting list, detailed schedule and know exactly where they need to be.

For those with a plan and who are prepared it can be the beginning to the end of the recruiting process for you.

With all this happening on the field don't forget to take care of business off the field ...

  • DEMAND from your team to know when you will be playing if your teams rotates players

  • Pitchers and catchers get rotations

  • For Seniors ... Start submitting college applications

  • It’s ok to start submitting college applications if you know that school is on your Top 10.

  • Some college coaches will encourage you to apply and many will waive the fee if you apply online and apply early

  • Don’t confuse this with “Early Action” or “Early Decision”

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