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Freshman - A Look Ahead

As I look at the freshman class I want to send out the reminder that your attitude is the way you view your experiences, your environment, your opportunities, your problems, your choices and your responses. It's "cool to be cool" but remember the people making decisions on you (high school coaches, college coaches, college admissions personnel, your athletic director, teachers baseball scouts - these type of people) are not your peers and it is very important to understand that they are watching - yes watching you and yes watching you now! The things you do and say now cannot be re-done so be sure to think things through. My advice is to just monitor you attitude because it is what everybody sees ... they may not have the opportunity to talk to you, get to know you or even relate with you but they are able to see your attitude! Your attitude is either failure-reinforcing or success-reinforcing. When you strike out - what do you do? When you make an error, what do you do? Better yet, when your teammate makes an error what do you do? Your attitude in this situation begins as a harmless thought but in time when reinforced, this becomes a habit into who you are. Will your attitude help you or hurt you? As an individual you probably do not even know your attitude exists but others do - whether positive or negative. Your attitude is either the lock on or key to the door of fulfillment. How important is your attitude? In truth, “Attitude is Everything."

Freshman Checklist

  • I encourage your involvement in a wide variety of activities

  • Most college and scholarship applications ask students to list their high school activities. Many applications also ask for evidence of leadership.

  • Be involved in a variety of activities and wherever possible take a leadership role.

  • Depth of involvement (length) is also important as it shows focus and commitment.

  • Participate in activities out side of school

  • Church groups, scouting, volunteer work and community service (keep records NOW as this will become very helpful later in the process.)

  • Stay in the Loop about School

  • Parents: Keep your ear to the ground for any changes in academic performance. Grades nine and ten are typically the time when students make their lowest grades in high school careers. A lot of them still need help getting organized and staying on top of their work.

  • Plan for Eleventh and Twelfth Grade

  • College probably seems far away right now, but it makes sense to be thinking about the next few years of high school. Which math course will you be taking as a senior? What about science and social studies? Are there electives that you would like to try? A plan will help you see the big picture and choose the right classes and activities.

  • Update your baseball profiles wit what you did this summer

  • Nurture relationships with your teachers and coaches - be a sponge!

  • College Recruiting: Begin to make connections with college admissions offices and college coaches

  • This will help you and your family get to know each college and program and watch the changes they make over the next few years

  • It allows the coaches to begin to get to know the student and their family in order to have a better idea of whether or not to give a scholarship to an 18 year old.

  • It also keeps the student motivated and excited about their college future as the continually receive information about colleges.

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