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I know I have covered a lot of material over the past month and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I also know there are people out there who might speak loudly but not have all of the facts of what really happens in the college recruiting world. Remember, you only go through this process one time and might not know all the "ins and outs" of the recruiting process but that's ok, you don't need to ... that's what I do. Make sure the people you are listening to and have in your corner have your best interest at the forefront because in the end, that is all that matters for you because they do not have to live with the decisions you make.

I want to give you a breakdown of what typically happens over the your next 3 months for a high school senior, so you can look ahead - I hope you find it helpful.


There are so many rules, restrictions and guidelines within the entire recruiting process and for a senior, knowing them is crucial. The phases provided below are estimations based on the hundreds of students I have worked with. Remember, every situation is different and things can change dramatically within a day or two. Check out the different paths players have gone to get to college

Just yesterday (August 4) I received a call from a current NCAA D1 head coach (who was just hired in July) and told me his current starting shortstop has decided not to return to that university leaving him with (literally) no shortstop. So on August 3rd this D1 college was recruiting that position one way and the very next day everything changed ... IMMEDIATELY. So just as you think you may have a lot of options today, if the players who those colleges are recruiting ahead of you commit today - tomorrow that college stops recruiting you - RIGHT NOW.

If you'd like to set up your FREE college recruiting review with me just click here ... lots of good info and it's free!

Here is the timeline we are looking at over the next few months.

Phase 1 (August)

· Identify the colleges you are considering at this time (30 colleges is a good number to get to)

· Contact each of them to be sure they have your fall schedule

· Be sure to provide all specific details as you get them (game times, field numbers, your jersey number, the games/innings you will be playing, etc ...)

· Update your skills video and keep on the fingers tips of each of your 30 schools.

· Have your high school coach (or someone like me - remember that is what I do) follow up with each college coach on your top 30 to make sure you know exactly where you are on their recruiting board and what their intentions are for the fall. This will save you a lot of money, stress and headaches down the road if they really aren't interested in you or you are very low on their recruiting board.

KEY POINT - It is August, you are a senior - if you think you are going D1 or D2 and you have not actually received an offer or have had significant and meaningful contact with the colleges on your top 30 ... guess what ... you are NOT in the conversation. Right now when the coaches discuss players they are discussing players at the top of the list.

Think about it - they are offering someone, they are calling someone every single week in your position and they are organizing their fall visits and recruiting schedules right now with the players who are actually being considered.

Don't be mislead by the college coach who says he is interested ... and hasn't acted. Yes you might be on their board and yes he may be interested but you are not high enough to actually get an offer .. and as soon as that guy above you accepts his offer - your communication with that college will cease immediately as well as their perceived interest in you.

Phase 2 (Sept/Oct)

· Finalize your college visits

· Look at college camps that can get you on the campus of the colleges that are in your Top 30 - Do not waste money on colleges outside of this list - you worked hard to develop it, focus on them - don't deviate.

· Standardized Tests - make sure you have your SAT/ACT schedule completed through February of 2017

· Applications - You will begin to get your applications and all the things each college needs (recommendations, scores, NCAA Clearinghouse info and so much more, in order to you can submit in November, if needed

· College Essays - stronger academic guys will want to put some thought into their college essays. At many schools where you GPA, class rank or SAT/ACT scores are a little below what they are looking for - the essay could be the thing that puts of over the top.

· Financial Aid - Get familiar with and understand the financial aid process. Don't be scared by the price of a college - educate yourself on how to overcome these costs.

· Speed/strength training - Continue to get faster and stronger

· You will be playing in the Senior Fall Classic (be sure you already know what team you are on - or have plans to get that finalized within the next couple of week). Not on a team - I can help but you have to contact me early - like two months ago!

Seriously, if you are looking for a Fall Classic team ... don't wait.

If you want to play in college ... don't wait ... and don't really buy into the idea that the two or three schools who have contacted or contacting you are enough right now. You are setting yourself up for a huge let down.

Key Dates

- October 2016 - Senior Fall Classic (need a team - click here)

- November 2016 - Early Signing

I really hope this helps to give you a snap shot of what the next 3 months looks like for a senior. This is very general and every student will go through the process slightly different from the next so do not think that you can "piggy back" off your friend or that they way it happened for your brother or sister will be the way it will happen for you. Remember to schedule your free consultation here.

If you feel like you want to get started right now ... I am ready for you just click here to get started

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