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What are colleges looking for?

It's almost August – The new school year is starting and my focus will be on assisting my clients rather than bringing in new students. If you ever had the inclination of working with me – now is the time to jump on board.

Seniors – You should be getting phone calls and/or texts from college coaches so you can begin to narrow down your list after Labor Day – if you are not you are behind. If you are, what are you doing about it?

Juniors – The mail/e-mail campaign should be in full force – college coaches are flooding the inboxes of 2018 grads with requests for fall schedules and/or video so they can get eyes on.

Sophomores/Freshman – Every college in the country is trying to get information. Right now you are a “lead” and over the next year colleges and coaches will take that lead and turn it into a prospect or not a prospect. If they never have the lead – they never get to turn you into a prospect. The earlier they get the lead, the greater the chances of finding the right fit. Starting now does not mean you are committing – it just means you are giving yourself (or your child) a fighting chance.

The reality is THIS IS HAPPENING – Coaches are calling seniors right now, they are e-mailing juniors right now and they are filling their databases with sophomores and freshman to get their eyes on, right now. Be sure you know what counts most and don’t miss the boat – if this is not happening for you – it's time to find out why and do something about it.

Help is here - I am offering discounts on our two most popular memberships that will expire at the end of this week with the new school year starting next week. Interested? Click here

Food for thought …

Most Important: Your high school transcript –

This is what colleges will look at first and foremost. The grades you earned in high school are the best predictor of college success and your transcript also shows whether you’ve taken the required or recommended college-prep courses. If you can’t get into their college, baseball coaches will not move forward in the recruiting process with you.

Next Most Important: Let the coaches and colleges know you exist –

-No matter how good you are – if they do not know you exist – you have no chance

-You can throw a no-hitter on field 5 but if they were watching field 6 – they never know

-You can go 4-4 in front of scouts but if they are watching another player – chances are they didn’t even notice - why? ... because you are not on THEIR list

-You can play on the best team in Arizona or even the best high school team but if you aren’t proactive you will miss the boat.

Next Most Important: Your video –

Music and a huge production is awesome for family, parents and your old high school teammates but not a college coach. As a matter of fact, it can be annoying. Be sure to have a video that depicts your ability, shot at the right angles and do not over-do it. This piece of the process is huge. Many times, without the video (or a good one) you never get to the next step.

Next Most Important – Your Fall Schedule –

Have your fall schedule ready and available in a clear and easy to read format that only shows your stuff. DO NOT forward your club coaches e-mail with the schedule of games. Do not take a screen shot and send it over to the coach. Take the time and re-do your schedule formatted correctly with just your stuff on it. If you don’t take the time to do this, your entire “presentation” looks as though you really don’t care and are being put out to get him this information.

Also be sure to put your jersey number, your team name and any other details possible.

Next Most Important: Specific games –

Think about this … senior fall classic has more than 60 teams in the tourney which would be more than 180 catchers, 300 outfielders, 600 pitchers … all on 12 fields (24 teams) that are going simultaneously. Imagine being in Georgia at a Perfect Game event with 344 teams ... do the math on that one!

– make it easy for them to find you – they will never discover you at any of these events!

Parents pay hundreds of dollars just to get their kid into what they believe is the right event – don’t you think you should focus on what matters? The plan? Who? What? Where? When? Otherwise it’s just another day at the yard – only a very expensive one - and nobody ever actually gets to see you play.

Next Most Important: Communicate –

Be sure to keep the coaches updated on what you are doing, any changes in your grades, test scores, schedules, teams … anything! Yes, that is important but what is more important is the opportunity for you to build a relationship with this coach, with this program and with this college. This coach and this college will have a profound impact on your life, the longer you can communicate with them the greater their understanding of you and vice versa. This is how students find their perfect school if you allow this relationship to foster.

How interested are you?

Colleges and college coaches weigh an additional factor called “demonstrated interest”. That means they try to determine whether, if they recruit you, offer you and accept you, that you will enroll in their college. Nobody wants to recruit a player only to lose them to another college.

Always keep this in mind what you want and what you are looking for. You’re not selling - you’re buying ... let’s see who is out there - let me help!!!

I am introducing discounts on our two most popular memberships that will expire this week. The new school year will start and my focus will be on helping my members rather that bringing in new members. If you ever had the inclination of working with me – now is a great time to jump on board.

If you aren’t sure what to do – please do not do nothing … and don't say that a national recruiting service is helping you ... are they? Really? Yeah, I didn't think so ... set up a FREE one-hour consultation with me by clicking here … believe me, it will be beneficial – You will leave with a good idea of what to do if you’d like to continue on your own.

If you just want to get started with me and take control now just click here - believe me your college recruiting life with be much smoother and you understand it

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