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May for Sophomores

If you have a choice to visit some colleges or go to a showcase for the coaches to see you play, I would recommend visiting the college campus every time. If you have the choice of playing more summer tournament games or visiting college campuses – I would recommend visiting the campuses every single time. You just finished your high school season, how many more games do you need to play? You have probably played baseball since you were 6 ... how many college campuses have you been on? How many actual discussions have you had with a college coach? How many admissions representatives have even seen .. let alone talk to? ... time is ticking and you are wasting time! Get on campus -

You are a sophomore … almost a junior and YES college coaches want to know about you but they will not discover you at some summer baseball tournament in Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles or Seattle just because they happen to be there. Coaches will not stumble upon your field this summer trying to discover talent, they go into their summer recruiting season with a plan, with names of players to see that they already know about, seen video on and can get accepted to their institution. Get proactive, do your research and then do it.

An important point to come to drip with, is that YOU will change much more than the college campus, the buildings and the facilities. Yes, that might not be as exciting but it is definitely much more effective FOR YOU in the college recruiting process.

You don’t have a list of colleges? You don’t know where to start? Well that is what I do .. think it’s time you come on board with Fallon Sports so I can help. Click here to learn more or click here to get started.

May Checklist for Sophomores:

  • Make the most of your summer

  • You don’t need to spend thousands on showcases

  • Do community service close to home

  • Get a job

  • Attend summer school and lighten your load for your junior year

  • Become a better baseball player

  • Get stronger and faster

  • Increase arm strength - commit to it, the great thing is you still have time

  • Think about visiting colleges

  • The summer after tenth grade can be a great time for low pressure visits to colleges and universities.

  • The argument for visiting now is simple:

  • Your life is going to get a lot busier in 11th and 12th grade

  • After this summer, you only have one more summer before your graduate

  • Do it now, you get ahead of the game


  • Do a self-evaluation

  • Finding yourself is the first step in finding a college

  • Before you start looking at schools, take a good look at yourself.

  • Would you do best in large classes (50 or more students) or smaller classes (25 or less students)

  • A school in a small town or a big city?

  • Do you prefer to know your instructors?

Do you want have a chance to play right away?

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