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Field Level & Personal Recruiting Email

As you move through the recruiting process you will find there are always more questions waiting around each corner. Do not try to get too far ahead in your recruiting process, realize that it is just a process that needs to be taken in steps and that is what we are here to do, help you take each step

FIELD LEVEL - One of our most important tools we use is Field Level. This is an online recruiting network where we are able to promote you to college coaches quickly and effectively. This is one of several tools that we use but with Field Level with easily allow you to connect, discover, create, and pursue opportunities at the next level ... We work together on Field Level to build your athletic profiles, research and target schools, which ultimately helps to get recruited by colleges.

Remember, this is your process - not mine - so everything revolves around your correspondence so be sure to accept our invitation to join Field Level. It is FREE to join Field Level, so please take care of that today.

DEDICATED E-MAIL - In yesterday’s welcome email I asked that you set up a dedicated email to this process. This is very important to use for all college recruiting purposes. This email should have your name and grad year so you stand out and easily recognized. Your parents should not be the one communicating with college coaches so be sure to get this taken care of as well, then email me from the new account so I

have it.

Also, E-mail will be the way college admissions personnel and baseball coaches will communicate with you throughout the process, especially at the beginning. Baseball coaches will use email early, but as you get more "involved" with each college coach they will begin to text and call. But the e-mail is the way to get to the phone calls so it's important to be comfortable and to start there.

Hope this helps to keep you moving forward in our process and looking forward to building a great relationship with you!

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