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Want a Scholarship?

March 6, 2018

Here are some of my thoughts on winning an athletic, academic or any scholarship for that matter.  According to the College Board, college tuition rates and fees are expected to continue to rise faster than family incomes, once again. As of June 2018, the average annual cost for private college will come in at $46,950 (including $33,000 in tuition), and the in-state cost for a year of public college will be $20,770 (with tuition of $9,648).


The good news is that most students —more than 70%—receive some form of financial aid. Better yet, thousands of dollars in available aid go unclaimed each year.  So stay on top of things, stay with us at Fallon Sports throughout your entire recruiting process and let us help to guide you to the best college opportunity for you.


Do not look at the numbers above and only seek public colleges because they are cheaper, it does not work like that. From all my years of being involved with the college recruiting and admissions process, the piece that is ignored by parents (and students) is that they just don’t go through the entire process, they seek shortcuts or the easy path to a scholarship.  This is a recipe for disaster, if you truly want your child to have a great college experience, graduate and play the game of baseball you must go through the entire process and the longer you are involved, the better.


Let’s look at how to maximize your share of available scholarship funds?


Think ahead

  1. Start early, you should actually start your freshman year of high school.

    1. You can begin earning scholarship money as early as ninth grade from outside scholarships and save scholarship funds in an escrow account, where they can earn interest until you begin paying tuition bills.

    2. On the academic side of things, your freshman year matters, so do not think that college admissions personnel are going to just forgive your academics because you were only 14.

    3. In addition, you can begin to understand how the recruiting process actually works, what college coaches are looking for and begin to do those things that’ll bring you closer to having much of your college paid for by earning (or winning) a scholarship, wh