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Fallon Sports 2018

We want to take this time during your school break to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year! There are a lot of exciting things happening at Fallon Sports in 2018 and we want to be sure you are able to enjoy the tremendous benefits and realize what it means to be a member of Fallon Sports. In this email, we will explain the importance of utilizing our staff, our coaches and helping you to understand the Fallon Sports website. We want you to be able to have access to our unmatched network of college coaches nationwide. Jeff personally communicates with these coaches, for you and all Fallon Sports members. In addition, we will breakdown the benefits and value of each of our college trips, evaluations, as well as the importance of getting registered for each trip early. Also, we encourage you to contact any of us if you have specific questions at all. We understand the recruiting process can be confusing and even stressful, so it is important that we serve the role of taking away that confusion and stress to make this an enjoyable process.

New 2018 Fallon Sports Highlights

- College coaches will join Jeff to coach our teams at each college showcase & experience

- New enhanced personal profiles with unlimited videos, complete upcoming schedules and all academic and athletic information available for coaches to see, review and interact with

- Fallon Sports promotes these profiles and your videos to college coaches on a monthly basis always with updated information.

- FREE Quarterly Collegiate Evaluations (Jan, May, Aug, Nov) for every Fallon Sports member

Our Staff

It is important to continue to build your relationship with our staff and understand the role each of us plays to help get the most out of your Fallon Sports membership! Together we form a dynamic team that is a huge asset to your college recruiting process.

· Jeff Fallon (

- Works to get to know you so he can help you find the best place to compete and earn your degree at the college level. If he is not talking to you, he is talking to someone you know

- Understands that this is your process and will feed off your involvement in the Fallon Sports program.

- Talks to college coaches daily, the more he knows about you, what you want, your goals, your personality and your ability, the more he can help bring the right college coaches to you.

- Is your resource on any college or college program in the country, Jeff has been on more than 600 different college campuses and has been building relationships with coaches for more than 30 years.

- Jeff played two sports at the college level and in 1989 was the youngest head coach in the country at age 23.

· Suzanne Forfa (

- Suzanne is a former NCAA D1 athlete and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame in two different areas.

- Coordinates and directs all college campus tours, trips and experiences for our members

- Helps with the production of skills videos and Fallon Sports evaluations

- Assists Jeff in establishing relationships with student-athletes, parents, and college coaches nationwide to help our members

- Establishes relationships with more female student-athletes to join Fallon Sports

· Bryan Bennett (

- Bryan was a high school baseball player who is currently earning his Master’s Degree

- Schedules and assists with video skills sessions

- Assists Jeff & Suzanne in their day to day responsibilities

- Works to keep Fallon Sports members in communication and on task with their college recruiting plans

· Coaches

- Each Fallon Sports team will be coached by a college coach from the area we are visiting

- These coaches execute the plan developed by Jeff Fallon, while making evaluations of each member of our roster

· Associates

- These are professionals who work independently to help our members with specific areas of develop. (Private coaches, SAT prep personnel, tutors, speed and strength coaches, etc …)

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