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Talking with College Coaches

Now that we are embarking on the summer season I want to mention something that I get comments on all the time from college coaches that might be a generational thing but something just to think about and consider.

EVERYTHING you do (with me and with college coaches) is noticed – that is what we do, evaluate YOU. So when you communicate here are some things to really pay attention to:

Text/E-mail - Make sure you actually spell things correctly. Even if he (the coach) abbreviates with you, don't assume that's all right for you to do. He is a grown man, he already has a job and as much as you might not want to believe this, you are still a child and you have not earned that right yet. They do not know who you are and this is how they begin to gather their own thoughts about you, this is how you add deposits into their bank of trust. Every single form of communication matters, so spell words out, punctuate and type in complete sentences. They are evaluating you with every single form of communication you offer. It is not just how hard you throw, how fast you run or how good your video is.

Converse - Stay positive, be excited about their call, speak clearly and communicate well! Know what you want, know who he is and where he is from. Show your knowledge of his college, be prepared to ask questions that matter to YOU - don't just ramble a bunch of questions that you think he wants to hear.

Summer Schedules – Here is the main point of this e-mail. When the coach asks you for your schedule, please don't send him a link to the tournament website. OBVIOUSLY ... he can get that on his own - this is BAD - VERY BAD!!! Yes, it’s better than not replying at all but check out what you just did …

#1 - you showed him how lazy and unorganized you really are

#2 - you just made more work for him to find you

#3 - you showed him that he is just another guy in your mind and not important

#4 – you just lost an opportunity to the kid who is organized and has carved out his entire schedule for the coach and had it ready for whoever asked

Take the time to create your entire summer schedule, make it organized and easy to read. Be as detailed as possible with your team name and your jersey number and have that available for whoever asks for it.

Then (IMPORTANT) as you get your specific game times and field assignments, go ahead and send that to the colleges who have shown interest in you (meaning they have replied and actually asked for your schedule). Again, do not send the link ... take the time to type if out. If you don't have that kind of time then give him your team name, team number and your jersey number for that weekend.

MORE IMPORTANT - DO NOT shove this down the throat of college coaches who have not asked. If you contacted them, completed their on line questionnaire and they still have not replied at all ... what makes you think that now, all of a sudden, they want your schedule? They haven’t even seen your video yet, why in the world do you think they would consider spending the money to come see you play?

Remember (and I say this with all my passion for the recruiting process and my desire for you to succeed in it):

This is a process

Trust the process

Work the process

Love the process (it's your life)

BE A GOOD PLAYER and you'll have a chance.

The reality is, if you don't absolutely love this game, the process involved within the game and the reality that people won't like you (failure), you are going to have a very difficult time succeeding in this process. Sure you might find a place to play your freshman year but how long will you actually stay there? The ability to communicate and stay focused on what you really want (your goals) is critical to your success in this extremely competitive world of college baseball and recruiting.

In the end, you are applying for the job (a scholarship or spot on their roster). These things do not come easily. No matter what you high school coach, your private coach or your club coach says about you ... college coaches will always go off of gut and their interaction with you, so use this awesome opportunity to your advantage - be confident, be smart, be aware and surround yourself with good people who care about you!

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