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May for Juniors

May 2, 2017


 – Just think this will be your last month as a junior in high school.


Things to make sure you have done this month: (May checklist)

  • NCAA Eligibility Center

    • They do not process until a student has six completed semesters of high school.

    • If you have not already done so, now is the time to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you do not register, you will not be eligible to play at an NCAA Division I or Division II school in your freshman year, or to take official visits during your senior year, or receive Div. I or II athletic aid.

  • NAIA Eligibility Center

  • Register for June SAT

  • Register for June ACT

    • Be sure, when you take your ACT or SAT that you request that your test scores be sent to each Eligibility Center. The request code to enter is 9999.

  • Get your hands on your end of junior year transcripts.

    • If a Fallon Sports member be sure to e-mail to and upload to your Field Level account.

  • Finalize your summer schedule and make ready for college coaches who ask

    • If a Fallon Sports member be sure to e-mail to and upload to your Field Level account.


The College search “Don’t” list

  • Don’t get your heart set on one college

    • There are probably dozens if not hundreds of colleges where you could thrive.  The frenzy of the college search is about getting into big name schools, but once you get beyond the name, little is unique about one particular place.  You can always find another good one that shares the same traits.  

  • Don’t get fooled by phony “Honors”

    • Have you heard from Who’s Who among American High School Students? Or the National Youth Leadership Forum? If so, don’t think for a minute that you are being honored for anything real.  These and other organizations sell products that you can buy, not honors you have won (or earned).

    • The other is that “You have been ‘invited’ to pay money to participate in a national showcase, or you are on a National Scout Bureau’s follow list – again they are selling something.  Don’t be honored by the idea that you get to pay money!

  • Don’t obsess over rankings

    • Have you mentioned the first tier of the US News & World Report rankings?  I hope not.  The ranking are a reasonably good indicator of the prestige of various colleges, but they say little about where you would be happy.  And the rankings change every year for no obvious reasons other than selling magazines.

    • Same is true for baseball programs – coaches come and go, players come and go – so be sure to pick the school for the right reasons.  Yes, the coach is important but not the “end all” … he could be gone when you get there!

  • Don’t pick colleges to impress your friends

    • Some people do the college search vicariously through their friends.  Instead of finding colleges they like, there people simply apply to all the places their friends are looking at.  The right college for a friend isn’t necessarily the right one for you.

  • Don’t worry too much about the weather

    • The cold hard truth is that most of the nation’s best colleges are located where the weather gets chilly in the winter.  Is the weather really that big a deal?  If you want to pick a place to live based on weather wait until you are ready to pick a nursing home.

  • See how your SAT/ACT scores compare

    • Take a look at the score profiles of the colleges you are interested in. 

    • If they match the scores of accepted students at a school that ta