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February for Juniors

January 21, 2017


Now that the high school season is getting set to start, it's time for all juniors to stay focused on your high school program and be the best player and teammate you can possibly be.  In addition to this, do not let your grades slack throughout this second semester, finish strong so you won't have to stress as much in your senior year or have any unnecessary pressure on you.


I am in the unique position of hearing everything and yes I do mean everything!  On a daily basis, I speak with college coaches, professional scouts, high school coaches, college admissions representatives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, guidance counselors and yes, even students. We all enter the season with great intentions and motivated to help our team win, but many times as the season progresses and playing time does not, parents and students tend to lose their motivation and focus.  The thought is how will anyone recruit me if I am not playing, or not