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College Mail:  Where does it come from?

The brochures and view books that flood your mailbox come courtesy of the standardized testers (PSAT, SAT, ACT) and being invited to camps and showcases throughout the country come thanks to being on showcase team rosters for Perfect Game events, Fall Classics, Prospect Wire and other popular baseball events. At the rate of a few cents per name, these companies sell your name and contact information to any institution willing to pay. As you register for the tests, you are asked to fill out a survey that asks dozens of questions about your academic record, interests and even your family income. If a college wants to send letters to all students who scored above a 2100 on the SAT, live in zip code 85284, are interested in Science and live in households with incomes of $100,000 and above the testing agencies can provide the names and addresses with a few keystrokes. To opt out of this process, either do not complete the survey or say “no” when they ask if you give permission to share your information with the colleges.

Unfortunately in baseball, the screening process does not happen. If you play in showcase or combine type events, the organizers sell your information to college coaches. Yes, this is cool, but in reality causes a misconception in who is really interested and who are looking for your money. There are some tricks to avoid getting on these “lists” but still get the exposure you need – Fallon Sports college recruiting members have learned this – have you?

FACT - Did you know there are 2020 graduates who have already committed to a college? Whether you believe this a right or wrong, good or bad … is irrelevant – the fact is this IS the way the recruiting process works TODAY – and you are a junior – what are you doing to give yourself a chance? Please don’t say you hired a recruiting service … that is just like doing the same as above – filling your inbox with hype, misleading you and never really getting to any answers.

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