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November for Seniors

October 8, 2016


November? WOW almost! - your senior year of high school baseball is just around the corner as is graduation - Over the next few posts, I will cover some very important tasks that need to be taken care of and attempt to explain what is happening behind the scenes with college recruiters, admissions personnel as well as financial aid offices


*College Applications:  It is time to get started - please tell me you have started. 


*Upcoming ACT & SAT test dates (Seniors too) : 

     ACT– November 4th is the deadline to register for the December 10th 
test date.    Click here to register
     SAT– November 3rd is the deadline to register for the December 3rd 
test date. Click here to register

 Even if you have already taken 1 or 2 SAT's there is no harm in increasing your score - it could be worth thousands of dollars in scholarships for you - so YES seniors should consider taking it one more time.


Reminders: (if you have questions on any of this please just send me a note)

  • Student’s with 3.50 of higher GPA’s Take SAT II’s

  • Early action and early decision deadlines should be completed this month (watch for next Monday’s Wake Up Call on this topic)

  • Send in rolling admissions applications – the sooner the better

  • Keep working on January and February- deadline applications.

  • Some stu