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Expect Success

September 1, 2016


Expectations make all the difference in your quest for success.  They can be more important than aspirations or desires.  You must expect to succeed.  Remain optimistic about the outcome of your goals, despite temporary disappointments.  Concentrate on your preparation instead of assuming that you have a negligible chance of success.


Bottom line as you prepare for the Senior, Junior and Sophomore Fall Classics ... with hundreds of scouts in attendance - do not monitor results, just focus on the process and keeping things that you can control in check ... the rest will all take care of itself.


The famous story of Babe Ruth is a good example of the power of expectation.  After hitting a home run into the section of the stands he pointed to, he told reporters that it had never entered his mind that he wouldn’t fulfill his promise.  He had his heart set on hitting a home run and nothing was going to prevent him from accomplishing his goal.  It is truly amaz