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September for Freshman

August 21, 2016

For most Arizona freshman, you have had a few weeks to get settled into life as a high school student.  Although very different and sometimes scary, most freshman appreciate the "upgrade" into high school.  From a college recruiting standpoint although you are only 14 or 15 years old - there are a few important points that you can not dispute -


1. The calendar never stops - in just three short years you will be a senior and without a plan you will miss so many key steps - why wouldn't you start now?

2. College Admissions offices can see your grades from this year - make them count - stay focused from the start! 

3. College coaches are interested in knowing about you (20% of all NCAA D1 baseball players are first identified in their freshman year) - get your name out there so at the very least you know what a college looks like.


 ... and the one that might be the most important is a high school freshman who thinks it's too early becomes a high school senior that realizes its just too late.  


In the past 20 years I have seen over and over again the family who either does not understand the importance of starting now or the family who just does not want to start now  ... this develops a senior who is not prepared to go to college, (emotionally, academically and/or athletically).  Give your child the tools he need to succeed in college and in life ... Get your freshman talking about it - acknowledging it and embracing it - believe me - it makes the transition to college much smoother! 


Here are some things to consider as you prepare for September

  • Get involved in a wide variety of activities

    • Mo