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College Visits

November 18, 2019

As admission season and the recruiting process comes to a close and acceptances roll in and decisions are happening, many students find themselves invited to campus visits for admitted students. I attended one of these visits as a parent and quickly realized it was different and more in-depth than any prospective student tour I’d been on.


To go or not to go?

If you were accepted to multiple schools, chances are you’ll have just two or three weeks to attend several conflicting campus visits and overnight stays. Choosing which ones to visit, or if you should even go at all, can be complicated.


First, consider if you’re actually ready to commit before attending admitted students events. While you’ll learn some valuable information about the school and get a chance to make some friends, the purpose of the event is to convince you to commit—so if you’ve already made up your mind, skip the expense and time commitment of a visit. For those on the fence, arrange your tours, prioritizing favorites when event dates conflict between one or more schools.


It’s definitely an interesting experience to be recruited, and the attention you get while touring proves helpful in ultimately picking a college. My son was already pretty convinced he wanted to attend the college based on its programs and reputation, but given the 2,000 miles between home, we felt we needed to experience the campus to be sure it was the right fit. Meeting students and faculty really solidified his decision and he realized he felt at home on the campus.


Benefits of each type of visit

While he chose an overnight visit, there are also day visits for admitted students as well as off-campus meetups offered. An overnight visit is exactly what it sounds like: you get to stay on campus with a student host and are offered lots of information about the student experience. Not all schools offer this, but if you have the opportunity, I would recommend this option. My son stayed in a dorm room with two freshmen, met many current students, and had an