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FS Recruiting Board

March 9, 2018


Every Fallon Sports member receives what we call their own “Recruiting Board”.  This is a personal college list of what we feel are your best opportunities to get into a college, where you will be happy, stay for 4-years, earn your degree and play college baseball.  This is created and shared with the player and family and based on our evaluations of you, conversations, communications with college coaches, more than 20 years experience helping students and families select the perfect college for them and many other factors.  We are able to and will add colleges to this list as we move throughout the process but it is a real time college list of where you are at currently within your recruiting process.


That is just the beginning, we then begin to be shape your recruiting board into three main categories, (Long Shots, Good Bets and Best Bets).  This typically happens during or after your junior year, as we turn the corner into your senior year. Before then it’s more about gathering “followers” and getting coaches interested in you so you can work through the process of understanding what you are looking for in a college, a college coach, a city/town and the overall college experience.