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Wild & Crazy Times

It's a wild and crazy time right now with college recruiting as 4-year colleges, 2-year colleges and even high schools are finishing their seasons, exit meetings for players are happening and some guys are leaving programs (including coaching changes that will becoming at the end of June) – which makes the landscape of college baseball completely different this week as it appeared just a couple of weeks and months ago. This will continue to change as we roll along through the summer and it is completely normal and all part of the "deal." There is always so much change this time of the year and that is even without considering the first year amateur player draft in June! So, what does that mean for a high school player (regardless of graduation year) and what he should be doing right now? Stay focused on being good, playing hard and having fun every time you take the field! Don't get caught up in the “he said/they said” part of all of this … just keep focused on getting better. If you are spending the summer training – great ... keep doing that. If you are spending the summer playing – great … play well, play hard and enjoy it! Do not get caught up in the things you have absolutely no control over … you have a plan, stick with it and execute it to the best of your ability. When a coach reaches out … be available, be excited and listen to what he has to say! You never know when the perfect opportunity for YOU will present itself. Have a great summer!

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