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March for Freshman & Sophomores

March 1, 2017


  • Help Your Child Think about Summer Activities

    • Encourage your son to do something “meaty”.  Good options include volunteering, shadowing a working professional, or even becoming a small scale entrepreneur.

    • Discuss high school baseball and travel, club or scout team baseball

      • Be sure you have a clear understanding of what each offers and how each benefits your son.

      • Be sure you do your homework on exactly what is offered for the price paid and don’t be mislead by a “name”

    • Find time to get on a college campus (and not your local campuses – you can do that anytime of the year)

      • Gives you a perspective of what is out there

      • Gives you a sense of how far it actually is from home

      • Gives you an idea of classroom sizes and facilities

      • Look into one of the Fallon Sports summer baseball trips – they are once in a lifetime experiences


  • Schedule a free college planning and recruiting assessment with me

    • Click here

    • I will get you on the right path

      • You will have a better idea of what really happens within the recruiting and admissions process (I do this every single day)

      • You will understand how you can help your child succeed

      • You will understand that it does not matter whether you are going to an Ivy League school, NCAA Division I, II or III school or NAIA school, your child is a freshman and the process has started for them – LIKE IT OR NOT – Get prepared!


  • Begin to contact colleges

    • The advantage of contacting colleges now:

      • Opens the door for them to contact you

      • Puts your name on the list of players to follow.  If they don’t know you or where you are playing they cannot lay their eyes on you.


        • Gives you time to get to know the colleges

          • Academic programs

          • Athletic programs

          • Coaching staffs

          • Facilities

          • Location

          • And so much more

  • Create Your Time Management Guideline

    • Make a “to do” list everyday: