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February for Freshman & Sophomores

January 21, 2017


I know college seems a world away and it takes imagination to picture yourself (or your son) on a college campus but understand that the clock keeps ticking, the calendar keeps turning and tomorrow will be here before you know it.  Get proactive, stay ahead of the game and do not think that by starting the process now that you would be adding additional stress to you or your child – the fact is … stress is not having options and having to play catch up in this process. 


FACT - Did you know there are 2020 graduates who have already committed to a college?  Whether you believe this a right or wrong, good or bad … is irrelevant – the fact is this IS the way the recruiting process works TODAY – so let’s get going!


General Stuff

  • Get a Good Start:

    • It’s never too early to start thinking about the college admissions and recruiting process.

      • Control Your Anxiety (If you are thinking about college, remember that your son is still adjusting to high school.  Push too hard and you’re likely to create an "oppositional" dynamic that may last throughout the next four years and beyond.)

      • Help your son make choices (Some kids need a nudge to get involved in activities; others need help in narrowing down their commitments so they can focus on a few.  It is better to establish leadership and distinction in a couple of activities than to dabble in many.

  • Use the internet and research possible colleges for admissions and baseball opportunities.

  • Get involved with your extracurricular activities; be a leader in and outside of school

Financial Aid/Scholarships<