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Different Contact Periods

October 15, 2016

So many different things to think about as you proceed through the recruiting process.  Looking forward to the winter months, most real recruiting will (and almost must) happen ON college campuses - Got to get on campus so get it in your plan!
For Seniors
1. Applications to your top 3 schools should have been completed and the rest of your top 10 should have been started
2. Recommendations from teachers should have been requested
3. The FAFSA should have been completed
4. You should have a solid working college list of 10-30 colleges, where they know you and like you and you know you'd like to play there.
For Juniors - Something to think about ... You think you are D1? Have they seen you and if so ... where are you at in the process with those college coaches?  Have not not seen you - what are your plans to make that happen?  Most