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September for Seniors

August 16, 2016

Are college coaches calling you?  Sometimes they can't.  Be sure to return every call you receive from a college coach, most college coaches only get one call to you per week and if they don’t connect with you they can’t call again.  It's a fact that college coaches are restricted by the NCAA to certain times when they can talk to recruits.  Most people don't know this and wonder why coaches don't answer their email, letters and phone calls.  Also - did you ever think that these coaches have a life too outside of their actual job of coaching?  Let's say he taught a couple classes during the day, led a workout in the weight room in the morning and practice in the afternoon ... what do you think he does now?  Call you?  Probably go home and hug his kids, kiss his wife and eat dinner.  The world does not evolve around you ... be sure you appreciate his time that he does give you.  This doesn't mean that you should not continue moving forward in the process.  Remember, just because they can't talk to you doesn't mean they can't watch you play, see you at showcases and follow your progress. 


As we get closer to the fall classic, my office has been averaging more than a hundred calls or emails a week from college coaches.  Most of these coaches are trying to pin point where certain players will be playing and making sure they don’t miss anyone while in Arizona.  These calls do not always pertain to players I am coaching, as a matter of fact I would say more than 75% of phone calls I receive are regarding players I have never coached but either coached against or scouted throughout the years.  Understand this - less than 1% of all college coaches at the fall classic will show up hoping to discover someone.  If you do not have a solid list before the fall classic, then the event is really just another tournament for you.  For