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Who Are You?

September 30, 2016


In this recruiting world, it is easy to look at others around us and wish we had their talent, their skill, played on their team, had their coaches and potentially their future.  Players are bombarded with messages from other parents, teammates and even the media that tell us that by choosing an NCAA Division 1 college means a successful college search.


Far too many of us are on a wild goose chase in search of some holy grail that will suddenly get you recruited, receive a baseball scholarship, playing time and then be successful at the college level.   With all of this searching, more and more players are getting depressed and discouraged with their place in the recruiting world.  They feel as though they either just don’t have what it takes to be successful or can't figure out why these other players get to sign or commit early to colleges.  The reality is that players need to stop looking outside of themselves and start looking inside, beneath their own skin to find what a successful col