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September 15, 2016


Ever wonder which college coaches are going to be there?  Well, last year there were nearly two hundred different colleges were represented by more than 300 different college coaches and all 30 MLB organizations were represented by at least one area scout.


If they don't know who you are before the tournament they won't know who you are after - they go to evaluate guys they already know about so make sure you are on the coaches list before the tourney.


70 teams = 

- at least 350 infielders

- at least 350 outfielders

- at least 180 catchers

- at least 700 pitchers 


12 games at a time = 

- 192 infielders playing at the same time on various fields

- 144 outfielders playing at the same time on various fields


Make sure they know:

who you are ...

where you are ...

when you are playing ...

and oh yeah, they have to be recruiting your position AND they have to like you (or want to see you) ... or else why would they come to your field?


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AND don't say ... "well because we have a player on our team that throws 90 that everybody wants." 


You can be the catcher and throw 3 guys out that day but unless they already know who you are, know you can get into their school and know you'd have an interest in attending their school .. they would not notice you ... why? because they are there to see the guy that they have been in contact with - NOT YOU!


College coaches are typically looking for just one guy in a respective position.  What are you doing to get them to your field?


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Who has been attending the Fall Classics?


MLB Scouting Bureau

Scouts from all 30 MLB Teams 




South Alabama University

University of Alabama-Birmingham



Faulkner University




Arizona State University

Grand Canyon University

University of Arizona



Arizona Christian University

Benedictine University



Arizona Western College

Central Arizona College

Chandler Gilbert Community College

Cochise College

Eastern Arizona College

Gateway Community College 

Glendale Community College

Mesa Community College

Paradise Valley Community College

Phoenix College

Pima Community College

Scottsdale Community College

South Mountain Community College

Yavapai College




University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas -Little Rock

Arkansas State University



Arkansas Tech