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Why Visit Colleges With Us?

August 3, 2016

I firmly believe a key part of deciding which college to attend is finding a good fit that works both ways.  The college coach needs to know you are a good fit for his program and you need to be able to see yourself there being coached by him and performing in his program.  A great way, and the only real way I know, is to visit these colleges in person.


I have put together some FAQ's that I have received over the year and hopefully this helps to get more comfortable with the idea of visiting a college.


Why wouldn’t we just visit the college by ourselves?  First off - I think it's great that you would consider visiting a college in the first place but by doing the trips with our group it accomplishes several things including …

  1. With a group such as ours you can receive preferential treatment

    1. Yes, we all think we are special on our own but when a group of 15-20 students, parents and coaches arrive on campus – you just get treated differently!

  2. Takes pressure off the student and parents

    1. It’s no longer 1 on 1 with you and the coach (although eventually you want that – it’s not always a great thing at this stage)

    2. You benefit from questions asked by others that you may not have thought to ask or just forgot to ask.

  3. Jeff as a guide – I have been on hundreds of college campuses and been through just as many tours and visits -

    1. I can help to eliminate what you really don’t need to