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Colleges Count Contacts

If you’re the type of person who hangs back and lets your parents make all the arrangements for visits, call the admissions offices, the baseball coach, etc you should know that the colleges are spying on you. Many small and stronger academic colleges record every contact whether it is from you or from your parents. The times you make contact allow you to demonstrate that you are interested and therefore likely to enroll if admitted, (which, in turn, makes admission more likely.) If Mom is always the one making the contact with admissions and dad with the baseball coach, schools may wonder about how serious your interest really is and how well you can function on your own.

This is certainly true with baseball coaches – they are not very interested in talking with dad – as he will not be putting the uniform on and if mom or dad always handle the business of their child how will that child ever expect to handle their own business when separated from their parents. Demonstrate to each college and college coach that you are reliable, accountable and have the ability to handle matters on your own.

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