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Chaperone Responsibilities:

After doing so many of these trips over the years and having several parents come along, stay in the team hotel and rent their own vehicles, while already paying full price for the trip (in addition to their own trip costs), I decided it would be a good idea to incorporate these parents into our group and try to offer some sort of financial benefit for these parents.  In the past, we would have a group of 8-10 vehicles (which can present a problem at colleges with parking) and more than half would have one person (a parents following along) in their car.  So to add to our supervision and for those parents who don’t mind helping with the driving as well as bed checks and other chaperoning responsibilities, we created the “Fallon Sports Chaperone” option.

The Fallon Sports Chaperone concept is designed for the parent who was already planning on attending and this opportunity offers them a chance to save some money on the registration fee for their child while understanding that they will still have a financial obligation in addition to supervising and transporting players.

Payment:  Chaperones pay the established deposit for their child for each trip, plus a $100 coaching fee and Fallon Sports will add the chaperone to the group list and pay for tickets to any event we attend (if any). 

Requirements:  Rent a vehicle to transport 3-4 players to all necessary locations within the itinerary and is responsible for fuel & and tolls along the trip. The chaperone is required to stay at the team hotel, if needed Fallon Sports can add this room to their block but the chaperone would be responsible for making payment on that room.  The chaperone’s child is able to stay with the chaperones if needed as well as spouse or any other family member or a chaperone is more than welcome (and encouraged) to share (split) a room with another chaperone who is traveling alone.

Duties:  Drive players to assigned locations, pick up/drop off assigned students to airport, assist in team meetings, supervise 3-4 players within a team hotel room, make sure they are awake, at breakfast, at meetings and ready on time.  This chaperone would do room checks and basically make sure those players are up to speed with the itinerary and make sure these players are having a great experience. The chaperones will also assist in daily activities like Game Changer and any additional team related help that is needed or requested by a coach.  For every four players, I would like one chaperone

Other:  We will have competitions among the chaperones “teams” or groups along the trip and prizes (trip related) will be awarded to the winning group.  Things like the group that asked the most questions on a college visit, the group that got the most hits in a game, we will have a whiffle ball tourney (and other very random competitions) during the trip amongst the teams.  During games, we will keep track of stats through game changer and the team with the most hits, the most walks, whatever we decide will be scored and lead to an eventually trip champion taking into account all of the competitions.

If you would like to be a chaperone on any trip, please let me know so I can get you locked in, they will fill up fast.

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