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2023 College Showcase Team Schedule

College Preparation Opportunities

This is an opportunity for players to be coached and be evaluated by college coaches and these opportunities come with a 2-4 games, guaranteed playing time, small rosters and a terrific opportunity to get a realistic evaluation of where you fit in the recruiting process while competing immediately in front of college coaches. 


19-20: Collegiate Evaluation Camp, Phoenix, AZ


2-3: Collegiate Evaluation Camp, Phoenix, AZ


6-7: Collegiate Evaluation Weekend, Phoenix, AZ

27-29: Collegiate Evaluation Weekend, Phoenix, AZ


Evaluation Tourney:

- Position Player Fee: $175 per event

- Pitcher Only Fee: $75 per event

Multi-Weekend Packages (Discounts)

All Four

- All Four Weekends - $600 Position Players / $150 Pitcher Only

Fallon Members -

remember to enter #GetBetterEveryday to receive your member discount

  • Guaranteed Roster Spot

  • Coached by current college coaches

  • Written communication shared on your behalf with college coaches upon your request

  • Full completed profile and continued evaluation on our FieldLevel

    • Nearly 1,500 Connections, hundreds placed at the college level

  • Honest Feedback from current college coaches (your coaches)

  • Team Insurance

IMPORTANT - Once you register, we will contact you with information on all available options or if you have any questions at all, please contact us at 

Fallon - Our Why?

In 1996, Jeff Fallon founded Fallon Sports (FS) because of the lack of exposure for high school student-athletes and the difficulty for college coaches in finding qualified student-athletes for their programs.  Four years later, in the spring of 2000, he took FS to another level by adding competitive teams to make proper evaluations for FS members, named the Arizona Pilots.  At Fallon Sports, we feel this is an absolute must to get to know each player in order make realistic evaluations and projections for each student-athlete.  By 2003, FS began taking their members to college campuses (college experiences) to be sure members knew how to get involved with the right college programs.  As Fallon has grown over the years and has become a nationally recognized organization, we continue to provide a very personalized and focused approach to college recruiting and has continued to adjust each year as the recruiting process changes.  We have adjusted our "brand" to just "Fallon" as we feel we do so much more than just sports, rather use sport as a vehicle to life coaching.  We will always focus on realistic projections of each student and continue to build our vast network of quality relationships at the college level nationwide, but need to focus on complete student mentoring, not just college placement.

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