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Fallon Sports - Our Why?

In 1996, Jeff Fallon founded Fallon Sports (FS) because of the lack of exposure for high school student-athletes and the difficulty for college coaches in finding qualified student-athletes for their programs.  Four years later, in the spring of 2000, he took FS to another level by adding competitive teams to make proper evaluations for FS members. At Fallon Sports, we feel this is an absolute must to get to know each player in order make realistic evaluations and projections for each student-athlete.  By 2003, FS began taking their members to college campuses (college experiences) to be sure members knew how to get involved with the right college programs.  Fallon Sports has always provided a very personalized and focused approach to college recruiting and has continued to adjust each year as the recruiting process changes.  Fallon Sports will always focus on realistic projections of our members and continue to build our vast network of quality relationships at the college level nationwide.


Fallon Sports - Membership Benefits


  • We make a proper collegiate evaluations of each member

  • We assist in developing a realistic college plan for each student

  • We continually update that plan on a quarterly basis (4 times each year)

  • We meet online via zoom when developing this plan


  • We will help you create your skills video - FREE

  • We will update your video up to four times per year - FREE

  • We will continually promote your video to college coaches, including game footage that the student supplies - FREE

  • You will appear in searches by college coaches (through Field Level)

  • We will promote you to college coaches nationwide, based on your ability, academics, goals and the needs of each college

  • We will follow up with and update these coaches as you progress through the recruiting process as well as continually seek additional good fit college programs for each member

  • We continuously keep your name out there so you stand out to college coaches

  • We offer a free profile on Field Level as long as you are a member of Fallon Sports

Tracking (requires upgrade with Field Level)

  • You will be able to see your profile getting activity

  • You will see every college that searches for you

  • You will see every college that views your profile

  • You will see every college that watches your videos

  • You will see every college that follows you


  • You will receive messages from college coaches through phone calls, text messages, email and field level

  • You will be able to reach out to any college that follows you (we provide all information)

  • You will be able to reach out to colleges you’re targeting (we provide all information and “how to”)


  • We help you research colleges you want to target

  • We help you to see how well you match with every college

  • We help you to receive personalized college recommendations

Additional Member Benefits

  • All members receive 20% discount on every Fallon Sports sponsored event (Tournament, showcase, experience) through our TeamApp

  • Member workshops - college recruiting workshops open to all members for free

  • Sport specific clinics - sport specific clinics open to all members for free

  • Sport specific evaluations -  each member is evaluated and results are posted into profile

  • Collegiate evaluations - FS will conduct workouts and invite college coaches to attend for free