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2018 Fallon Sports Top 1000

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As players join Fallon Sports they are removed from our follow list, added to our membership page and are continually promoted to college coaches and guided to the right college.    Once players make their college commitment we add them into the college commitment page.  

To become a member or learn more about becoming a member please click here.  

If you have committed to a college please send us an email and let us know - thanks in advance

2018 STATS

Fallon Sports is in the business of helping high school baseball players and college coaches become connected to find the right fit.  We have followed over thirteen hundred 2018 grads and at the current time, here are the stats on college commitments within this graduating class

Players followed - 1350
Players committed - 76 (.056%) 
That means 94.4% of these seniors have NOT made their college commitment.

(Of the 76 commits)

NCAA D1 - 44 (59%) 
NCAA D2 - 7 (.09%)
NCAA D3 - 6 (.08%)
NAIA - 5 (.07%)
NJCAA - 14 (.13%)

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