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How is Fallon Sports different?

Unlike recruiting services and DIY sites where you pay to blast email templates to college coaches, Fallon Sports coaches get to know you on a personal level, see you play and make an evaluation of you.  FS uses FieldLevel, which is a network where, together, we target the right schools and get in touch with the best colleges for you. We are not a recruiting service. We make an evaluation of our athletes and we contact the top 100-200 colleges where we feel are the best opportunities for each member based on our conversations, evaluations and experience.  This is where college coaches learn about you from organization that they trust, an organization who has evaluated you, know that the college and the college coach is looking for. College coaches then reply to FS on whether or not they are recruiting that position in that graduation year - .

How does becoming a FS member help my parents?

When you become a member of Fallon Sports, your parents can see which colleges are viewing your profile and following you and which colleges you match with. You are always “in the know” with Fallon Sports and if there are every any questions, we are just one phone call/email/text away.  With this information, your parents can help you target the right schools and promote you to any college coach through the FS network.


Why don't we give a list of all college coach email addresses?

College coaches receive hundreds of emails per day. Instead of hoping college coaches read your emails, FS introduces you directly to colleges. Colleges trust the quality reference from us best, making it a more effective way for you to be discovered. Your FS membership ensures your name, video and all other information gets in front of colleges so they can make the evaluation of whether you are a good fit for their program.


When is the right time to become a Fallon Sports member?

An FS membership provides you valuable tools at any stage of your recruiting process. Whether you're a freshman who wants to start researching what colleges are out there or a 2nd semester senior needing to get in front of college coaches quickly, an FS membership gives you and your family the experience, tools and guidance you need to find opportunities at the next level.

How does an FS membership pricing work?

Fallon Sports gives you straightforward, flexible options.  At $39 per month, you and your parents get access to powerful tools to help you throughout the recruiting process. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime with no contracts. It’s easy to join, just click here to get going.

How do I cancel my FS membership?

You can cancel your FS account by emailing and let us know you’d like to cancel, we will ask why as it is important that we understand the reasons that you are not satisfied with our program, but that’s it!  After canceling, your profile and all related info (Academic info, Target Schools, College Preferences, Videos, etc.) will continue to remain intact in the event, you’d like to re-enrol, they just will no be available to college coaches.

What is Field Level?

FieldLevel is the exclusive, social network dedicated to sports recruiting that connects us with college coaches and helps find our members the right colleges that best fit their programs.

What are FS College Recruiting Workshops?

Throughout the year we offer our FS college recruiting workshops, where we cover pretty much everything that you need to focus on throughout the recruiting process.  It starts with your new member orientation, where each member brings their laptop and we get to work on items that need to be done at that time and we create a short term plan that aligns with the members long term goals.  This can be be done in person, through skype/facetime or via telephone.

What are FS Sport Specific Clinics?

We offer sport specific clinics (#GETBETTEREVERYDAY Workshops) where we breakdown specific pieces of their specific sport and educate the players on this specific area.

What are FS Collegiate Reality Check Evaluations?

We offer collegiate evaluations (#REALITYCHECK Evaluations) where we conduct sport specific evaluations and use this to help to sharpen each college plan to best suit the student  

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